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It's been awhile since I've done a haul post.  In all honesty, I've been holding back on hoarding and hauling on makeup because I ran out of space to store my makeup.  But one day, after attending the Shiseido International Beauty Fair, I had a few hours to spare and ended up lurking at the department store.

This is why I should never stay long and alone at the beauty section.

I've been looking for NYX Siren for quite a while and even though I know it's cheaper if I buy online, I decided to buy at the department store because I wanted to swatch it and see how I will like it.  The SA said it's similar to NYX Butter lipstick in Licorice so I got that, too.  Each lipstick costs me Php390.  Will do a comparison soon.

Makeup brands have been coming up with makeup HD-fied.  I no longer get the hype of HD foundation.  Non-HD makeup was used on my on my wedding day and when I saw the photos, I still looked flawless.  But an HD lipstick by Revlon?  This might be the first time I've heard of an HD lipstick.  Swatched all the colors (it comes in 20 shades) and I had to end up with the most boring shade of them all - NUDE shade.  They have a wide range of pinks, red, orange, and one nude shade. Well, I was just curious about this HD lipstick and I prefer to get a nude shade because I just got those vampy shades from NYX.  The shade I got is Camilla.  I hope it's as good as its swatch.

Then I came across Essence Cosmetics' kiosk.  I like this brand because it reminds me of my teen years.  I always check out their kiosk but always end up with nothing because I was resisting.  Not this time though.  I was immediately sold when I saw the shimmer pearls.  I instantly reminded me of Guerlain Meteorites!  It probably won't compare to Meteorites but I wanna know if it works well, too.  Review soon!

One of my most favourite products from Essence Cosmetics would have to be their All About Matt powder.  It used to be a loose powder but they change it into a compact one.  Since I can't find my Essence loose powder at the moment, I got myself this compact powder to see if it's as good as the loose one.

Revlon nail polish (the scented ones) was on sale for only Php150! I couldn't pass on that. I wanted to buy more but you can only avail it for the sale price if you buy their HD lipstick and I didn't fancy any other shade apart from Camilla.  I got the shade Fresh Laundry and it does smell like it. I love it!

The rest are Shiseido products that I got from the International Beauty Fair.  But if you can see in the middle, I was able to score the last piece of the Snow Beauty powder!  I got it in their Rockwell branch.  This powder is probably the most expensive product I have bought in my entire life.  It retails for PhP3,998.  It's a setting powder and skin care powder in one.  I'll see how it will make my skin better.  Hopefully it works cos it's freaking expensive.

Not in photo: Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation in Light Beige. Got it with a 10% discount in Rockwell!

That's it!  Here's to hoping I won't have more haul posts soon. Teehee!

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  1. Thankfully, I was too busy to drop by Megamall during the Beauty Fair. It might've caused some serious damage to my wallet. Hahaha. The Essence Cookies & Cream line is adorable. I saw it over the weekend, and I'm easily drawn to pastel packaging. I'll wait for your review. :)

  2. i mostly just spent on the non-shiseido products cos we got a 10,000 pesos worth of shiseido currency to spend on. Except the snow beauty powder and foundation cos i got it on a different day:)

    The cookies and cream edition is indeed adorable especially if youre partial to browns :)

  3. wow a lot of shiseido goodies youve got ms gem! i would definitely wait for your review on that expensive powder hihi!

  4. I've always wanted to try shimmer pearls, but I never really got what they actually -do- for your finished makeup look. But yay if you're reviewing it :)

    To be honest though, I'm a total lipstick voyeur, so I'm looking forward to your comparison of the NYX lippies even more!


  5. From what I know, shimmer pearls are highlighters. i'll see what effect this will give to my finished look :)

    And yes, lipstick comparison soon!


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