Overview of Royale Beauty Products*


Lots of beauty products to choose from!
How do you know which one is for you?

1. Pinkish Glow Cleansing & Brightening Toner, PhP400.00, deeply cleanses as it promotes cell renewal.  The combination of Gluta complex with Arbutin and Lycopene provides your skin with:

- brighter complexion and natural radiance
- lighter and even skin-tone
- refined pores
- other benefits: it helps minimise pores, helps treat pimples and helps remove black heads

2. Pinkish Glow Brightening & Smoothening Cream, PhP400.00, a combination of the innovations in skin brightening science and has superior skin lightening effect that promotes long-term skin luminosity and radiance. It not only brightens your facial skin but also makes it smooth and free of blemishes and dark spots. It has:

Alpha arbutin - a natural, safe and effective skin-lightening ingredient which promotes superb lightening effect and brings a more luminous evenly balanced tone to skin

Glutathione and lycopene - powerful anti-oxidants that reduce oxidative damage that occurs from daily sun exposure and other environmental pollutants. The natural red pigment in lycopene imparts pinkish glow to your skin

UVA and AVB filters - act as shield against harmful effects of the sun and protect your skin from future discolouration

3. Pinkish Glow Glutathione Capsule, PhP1400.00, a premium formulation of L-glutathione with lycopene, vitamin E/ocopherol, and vitamin C.

4. L-GlutaPower Lightening & Smoothening Cream, PhP530.00, offers all round defenses against factors that cause dark spot and uneven skin tone and works not only to lighten the skin but also helps it become healthier.

5. L-GlutaPower bar soap, PhP198.00, helps remove dark spots, reduce freckles, age spots, and pimple marks, whitens, revives, and nourishes skin to make it look radiant and flawless.

6. L-GlutaPower Glutathione, PhP1680.00, has 30 capsules per bottle.  It's made from 3 amino acids: cysteine, glutamine, and glycol which are very critical for detoxification and serves powerful antioxidants.

7. L-GlutaPower line corrector cream, PhP560.00, has nectapure which is a special extract of delicate plant from the Alps combined with the Swiss Mountain Water to provide protection from photo-ageing and SYN-COLL, that boosts collagen synthesis via tissue growth factor.  It is anti oxidativem radical protecting, has anti-pollution treatment, moisturizing, soothing, and healing, anti-microbial and anti-ageing.

8. L-GlutaPower Anti-Ageing Facial Soap, PhP210.00, is a premium facial soap that helps fight the signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, age spots and blotches, visible pores, uneven skin tone, dull skin and increased dryness.

If you want to try Royal Beauty products, you may directly contact 0939-9314093 and/or 0998-5576485.  They ship anywhere in the Philippines (shipping fee to be shouldered by the buyer).  Or if you're shy to text them, let me know then I'll be the one to inform them.

* I am not affiliated with Royal Beauty.  Product was sent for editorial purposes. I was not compensated for this post nor will I ever get incentive/commission for sales/referrals generated by this post.  Thoughts on this product are my own and not affected by PR sample.

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  1. my younger sister is a royale member since 2012 =) their gluta-meds where real effective =) we love the l-gluta soap the best ms gem =)

  2. my "kumare" is a Royal distributor too and I only have tried their deo and kojic soap. The products surely works and very affordable. Did you try any of the products posted here?

  3. Not yet. But the pink glow set and kojic soap are on my to-try list. Have yo peioritise other products first cos of their expiration date :)

  4. Wooh :D Please post a review on their Pinkish Glow Set.


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