L'Oreal's Miss Manga has Arrived in Manila!

Earlier this week, L'Oreal launched their latest mascara in the Philippines - Miss Manga!  Now, you ask what manga means.  Is it the fruit or is it the Japanese word?  It's the latter.  Manga is a Japanese comic book. If you note the female characters in Manga (and even in animé, I guess), they sport full and flary lashes.  That is what this Miss Manga mascara is trying to achieve.

Spot Miss Manga.

By the entrance you will be greeted by a pink setup of why seem like a part of a doll house.  Of course, there's a frame about Miss Manga. It is her doll house after all.

registration booth

L'Oreal counter on the right side from the entrance.

Eep! L'Oreal product are on sale!

I took Miss Manga to our cocktail table for a photo op.

Photo Booth

Another shot of the makeup counter

After the demo, we were given 1,500 L'Oreal currency to purchase
anything that we like on the makeup counter.

On top of that, we were given this nice press kit that mimics a hardbound book.
Inside, you'll see the Miss Manga mascara and Mat Magique veil powder.

Here's my loot from the event!

I was thinking of getting a face powder but I still have face powders at home and my Mat Magique powder foundation is barely used! I decided to get a liquid foundation instead since the press kit comes with a veil (pressed powder). I've heard good things about True Match so I hope this shade is really my true match!  There were a lot of lipsticks to choose from and I thought of spending all of 1,500 on lipsticks.  But then, the lipsticks available were either satin, moisturising, very bright or with shimmer.  I didn't find a shade I couldn't resist so I changed my mind and got an eyeliner instead.  I don't even remember if I've tried any L'Oreal eyeliner.  So, this must be my first.  The lastly, I got a blush (light pink shade, of course) to diversify my kit.  You might be wondering how I was able to purchase 3 products with only 1,500..

I have good news for you, guys!  L'Oreal is going to have a 'L'Oreal Great Sale' starting May 1 (up to 30% off)!  The prices of the products during the event were the sale prices so I was able to purchase 3 products!  The liquid foundation will be on sale for PhP600 (from 800++). The liquid eyeliner will be one sale for PhP400.  The blush will be on sale for PhP500.  I find the blush still pricey even after deductions.  I don't know, what do you think?  Let me know which one you want me to review first aside from the mascara!

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. Eyeliner Ms. Gem,please do a review havent tried any of their eyeliner.
    And Yipeee!! mag sale sila been waiting for that. Super expensive kasi kaya every time nag-sale sila Go ako haha..Thanks for the Good news :D

  2. We have the same sentiments. I find L'Oreal a bit pricey kaya sakto yung sale nila. Will mostly like buy a few items rin :)

  3. Wow! Please make a review of the mascara! Curious ako! :D


  4. Yup will do. I'm loving it so far :)

  5. my first one from loreal is the HIP crayon and i cannot find any in our country ms gem =( it was my favorite eyeliner =)

  6. Omg, this event look so lovely! I've heard great things about the miss manga mascara, hope you like it too :))

    Kisses, Kali

  7. Theyre pretty consistent with their press kits. It's always encased in a book-like packaging :)

  8. I'm a little surprised that they went for a Manga look as that's something I had never thought of likening to the very Western L'Oreal brand, but I notice that Western drugstore brands have been open to adapting a more Asian theme with their products (e.g. that vibrating mascara wand from Maybelline). It's certainly a new look for them. Cute ang panda. Hehe.

  9. the brand manager mentioned that L'Oreal decided to change it color from gold to pink to reach out to younger generation. Maybe that's also the reason why they came up with Miss Manga. In fairness, maganda this mascara. Pricey though for a drugstore brand :)

  10. This would be on sale nationwide right? Oww.. I'm gonna ask hubby to allow me to spend on two mascaras! This one and the Maybeliine Great Lash! :)

  11. It's like Miss Manga is screaming, "Look at me and my big eyes!"
    I hope you'd review the eyeliner first. I'd like to know how it compares with my L'Oreal Self Advancing Eyeliner. :)


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