Looking Good the Morning After.

Do you know what these three makeup products have in common?

They are all named The Morning After.

I may not have a lot of Happy Skin products as compared to other beauty enthusiasts out there but I love the brand just as much. To date, I have 6 Shut Up & Kiss Me lipsticks, SS creme, ZZ creme, their micellar water solution, and one powder blush. Among all the lipsticks I have from this brand, my favourite is, hands down, The Morning After.

When I came back from Singapore (after Holy Week), my nephew gave me a birthday gift. When I opened it, I was surprised to see a Happy Skin makeup product. At first, I thought it's the lipstick.  I didn't read the box anymore.  Then I found out it's the lip and cheek tint.  It's my first lip and cheek tint from Happy Skin so I got even more excited!  However, when I checked the name of the shade, it read 'The Morning After.'  I was pretty sure they do not have a lip and cheek tint in that shade. There must be something wrong.

I took a photo of the product and tweeted Rissa and Happy Skin to ask if they released a new shade because I can't find it on their website and Instagram. But I never got a reply from them. So, I panicked that it might be fake and decided to just leave it on my vanity.

That same weekend, I went to Beauty Bar and found out there are indeed new products from Happy Skin. Lip and Cheek Tint in The Morning After is one of them so I felt relieved! I used it right away when I got home.

Here's the swatch of The Morning After.
I had a hard time getting its real shade to pop out in the camera.

Here's a better swatch.

The Morning After powder blush

I think the powder blush is way lighter compared to the lipstick
and the lip/cheek tint.

Can you even notice the swatch?
You see it's there and looks like a natural flush. Win.

The Morning After lip/cheek tint on my lids.
Powder blush on my cheeks.
Lipstick on my lips.

The mejo side view angle.

I just love how this shade looks so good on me. Sorry but I get a GGSS (gandang ganda sa sarili) moment whenever I use the powder blush and lipstick of this shade. I easily achieve the no-makeup makeup look with these products. How I wish I could say I woke up like this but I didn't. Not even close. I have pale skin borderline looking dead. Kidding. But you get the idea.

I use the powder blush sparingly as I want to achieve a natural flush. The powder blush stays on my face until lunch time.  After lunch, I feel that the blush has faded.  What I do now is set the powder blush with the lip/cheek tint.  This trick makes the blush stay the whole day!  I find the blush a bit powdery though so I turn it upside down or vertically when I'm swiping my blush brush on it.  At least, the powder goes straight on the floor instead of piling up outside the pan.

The lip/cheek tint is a breeze to use especially if you are in a hurry since it's a 2-in-1 product.  I don't let anyone use this for hygienic purposes.  I also wipe the wand with tissue and spray alcohol before putting it back on the tube. I don't know if it's just me though but I feel like this is a bit more pinkish than the lipstick. You don't really notice it until you swatch it side by side. I still like the shade nevertheless. Oh yeh, staying power is as good as the lipstick.

Happy Skin really does make your skin and face look happy! See what I did there? Let me know what your fave Happy Skin product is! I'd like to know!

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  1. I love how it looks on you! I want!!! I have been into lip/cheek tint lately this summer, I am using the Etude. But seeing the lip tint and the blush, I want me some Happy Skin. I wanna achieve that pretty natural lool. Too bad there is no Happy Skin products here in Singapore

  2. The cheek tint and lip colour are looking fabulous on you! Really looks like a natural flush! Happy skin is truly living up to its name.

  3. Thanks! This is my fave shade among its lipsticks and blush. They ship internationally in case you're interested :)

  4. Thanks :) this brand could get addicting!

  5. so pretty swatches ms gem! and i love how it makes you glow =)

  6. I have 2 out of 3! The lippie and the powder blush. :) When I first saw and swatched the lip-and-cheek mousse, nagulat ako. It seemed way darker than what I have, but it has improved in a sense. I think the mousse is more matte and more opaque on the lips, though I'm not sure if the hydration is better. I hear that the mousse is a tad drying on the lips. As a blush, pwede na rin, since it can be sheered out by blending. Honestly, I still like the powder blush and lippie separate, but I'll take what I can get. :))

  7. The mousse ia not drying on my lips so far :) it's just a tad sticky :)

  8. never heard of this brand, but I love the packaging! and you visited Singapore recently? hope you've enjoyed yourself here. :)

  9. Bet, all their shades will fit perfectly on you. Pretty!

  10. I love products when the packaging is super cute and these look adorable.


  11. Happy Skin is a local brand from the Philippines. They do ship internationally though :)

  12. tagal ko na bet ang Happy Skin. di pa mabudgetan. pero ang fresh nga nito ha.. ako man siguro ma GGSS din hehehe :) pareho tayo sis.. mahilig din ako magwipe ng applicator ng makeup plus alcohol spray hehehe :)


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