Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Launch

Heroine Make is one of my favourites Japanese makeup brands to date. I know I haven't done any review about the Heroine Make products I received from BDJ. If we're close, then you'd know why I'm having difficulties reviewing products I received in 2014. But hey, I'm moving to another place again so I might just be able open my balikbayan boxes full of beauty products.

When I received an invite from Heroine Make, I confirmed my attendance immediately.  Besides, it was during the weekend so it was an awesome day to attend an event. The event was held at Mandom Philippines' head office in Makati.

Heroine Make finally comes up with an eyeshadow palette

Heroine Make's chief makeup artist, Sayuri Igarashi, also flew in from Japan to discuss about the eyeshadow palette and give demo on how to use it for day time and night time.

I looked around the office before the event started. Mandom Philippines is also the distributor of Pixy, Sunkiller, Bifesta, Heavy Rotation, and Gatsby.

Another drugstore makeup brand that I like.
These are really affordable. Perfect for beginners.

The event was hosted by Mica Javier.

Sayuri Igarashi doing Rowena's day time/natural look.

Sayuri Igarashi doing Rowena's day time/natural look.

Thank you for the new makeup tips!

Latest eyeshadow palettes from Heroin Make

According to Sayuri Igarashi, it's the first time that Heroine Make hassock up with an eyeshadow palette. Also, it's released earlier in neighbouring Asian countries. They haven't released it yet in Japan. Cool, huh? The eyeshadow palette includes an eye base/primer and eyeliner. Expect this eyeshadow to not crease on your lids. But we'll see. They have 4 palettes to choose from. My favourite is 01 Yellow Sapphire.

The Heroine Make Jewellery Eyecolor palette retails for PhP595 and is available at Watson's.

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  1. I started to like their brand when I purchased Bifesta make up remover last year So sulit for its price. I've already tried some of heroine product too and Sun Killer which I'm currently using as my base. Will wait for your extensive review on this :)

  2. Will try to post it next week or when I come back from Japan. I wanna test this on a different weather condition :)

  3. Have a safe trip! Enjoy.. :))

  4. I like the colors. On one hand, they aren't exactly unique. On the other, they are super wearable and embody the Japanese eye shadow style of sheer washes in light metallics. Lots of fine shimmer. Mukhang marami-rami rin ang eye shadow inside the palette.

  5. The eyeshadow palettes remind me so much of Majolica Majorca's. They're quite similar even with the shimmer? So ganto talga ang bet ng Japanese lol :)


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