Guess Who's Back? Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara

If you're a kid from the 80s or 90s, then you've probably seen this pink & green tube of mascara at least once during your childhood.  And I bet, you saw this at your mom's vanity's table.

That's exactly how I remember this mascara.  I always thought it was a toy because of the colour.

The mascara that wowed millions of women is back in the market.

Well, so where has the Great Lash mascara been all this time? Actually, I don't know either. All I remember is that it was no longer available by the time I started collecting makeup.

For Maybelline's 100th anniversary, they decided to bring back the Great Lash mascara. If I'm not mistaken, they only released a certain number of stocks and I'm not sure if they will replenish once sold out. Luckily, Maybelline is one of Sample Room's brand partners so we were able to try the most famous mascara of all time!

Great Lash's wand.
Love how clean it looks.

Here's a photo of my lashes uncurled and bare.

Here's a photo after 1 coat of mascara.

1 coat!

It got longer, yes?

Okay, just to brief you about my lashes: I have short and sad lashes.  It's common for Asian lashes to have short and sad lashes. This is why any mascara that can curl my eyelashes without an eyelash curler and can lengthen them is a keeper. Haha. You see, my lashes are very easy to please. Every now and then, I use falsies or lash serum to make my lashes look longer.

Look how one coat of the Great Lash mascara made my eyes pop.

I can see my lashes fluttering a bit!

Girls, trust me, I consider these lashes long already.
That's how short my lashes are!

My lashes say HI!

I like how this mascara lengthens my lashes. My lashes stayed curled until I remove it which is pretty impressive as not all mascaras can hold up the curls for 12 hours. This is waterproof which is a plus. Well, it doesn't really matter (that much to me) if this is waterproof or not as I don't have a hard time removing mascara in general because I use a cleansing cream to remove my mascara. The very thing I don't like about this mascara though is that it smears on me and even transfers on my lower lashes giving me a reverse panda look come afternoon. It reminded me of my Benefit's They're Real Mascara which I dreaded using. I don't like looking at the mirror every now and then to check if my lower lashes seem like it has smudged greyish black eyeliner on. I experimented a bit and applied an eyeshadow base primer on my lids and locked it with a setting powder.  Then I applied the mascara. Alas, no more panda eyes.  But then again, I don't always like taking an extra step in applying mascara.

There goes my Great Lash mascara story. I probably won't be able to repurchase this as I still have a lot of mascara to use. It's not really wise to stock up on it. As of the moment, it's still available at leading department stores and Watson's nationwide. If you want to try this, you know where to look! You can also check to see if they still have stocks of this mascara.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. Oooh, looks good! I have "short and sad" lashes too. And I mean, really really sad. I've never tried this mascara before, but now I'm considering it. Haha. Thank you for your review! See you around :)

  2. If you don't have oily lids, this could be your answered prayer for your lashes :)

  3. I want to try it first sna kaya lng laki ng points needed sa sampleroom hehe, kaya will purchase nlng hoping may stocks pa sa Watsons hehe. thanks for the review Ms.Gem

  4. Meron pa sa Watsons. I saw kahapon :)

  5. i grab two from sm sta rosa ms gem because these are my first mascaras from maybelline!

  6. I am a big fan of mascaras and I never run out of stock. Right now, I have three different tubes in my make-up bag :) If by next pay I see this available at Watson's, I'll try it out too.

  7. I have more than 3 mascaras but I find myself going back to my Fairydrops mascara. Not a big fan of mascara, really. But now, I'm liking it more than ever. I feel thay it hypes up my face haha :)

  8. That's exactly how I recall this mascara, seeing it in my mom's makeup stash. It brings back childhood memories. I guess I understand why they brought it back on a limited edition basis. In terms of features, the other mascara lines of Maybelline certainly have more edge. Great Lash ends up looking like the basic one that people might outgrow too fast in favor of the 'advanced' mascaras. It's a shame, but it seems true. I never got around to Great Lash, since I went right for Full 'N Soft (my first ever mascara, from Maybelline, no less) and Volum' Express.

  9. Couldn't have said it any better. There are lots of mascaras that offer something greater than this mascara. For me, any mascara that doesn't give me a reverse panda loom is already a winner since I'm not a big fan of mascaras. I believe more in the power of falsies if I really want length and volume :)

  10. mas gusto ko yung non waterproof version :)

  11. They both give me panda eyes eh :(


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