Food Escapade at Your Local

The first time I've been to Yardstick, we saw this huge door inside that seems to be the door to a restaurant.  When we were on our way out, we asked the guard, and we were told that the door, indeed, connects to a restaurant.

We came back a few days after to try out this restaurant.  Without knowing what restaurant it is.

Okay, so they're open.
But what's the name of the restaurant?

The name of the restaurant is Your Local. Similar to Yardstick, they do not have a signage outside the restaurant - and even inside. 

The restaurant is quite dim but it's not that dark that it hurts the eyes.  We went here around lunch timing we must be lucky cos there weren't a lot of people that Wednesday.  I found out from some people that Your Local is always full and you even have to make a reservation to get a table.

How simple their menu is.

Salmon donburi (?)
Haha, I don't remember the exact name.

Chorizo pasta?

They serve water with this kind of bottle.
Pretty shabby chic/hispster.

Their kitchen is open and you can even eat at what looks like a bar as well.
Say, if you are dining alone.

This restaurant reminds me of several restaurants in New York.
It even gives me a Subway vibe. Must be the tiles.

L and I both liked what we ordered.  It's good but not exactly wow.  Their menu doesn't have a lot of options but it's enough to be able to pick something you might like.  Their salmon dotonburi is one of their best sellers.  I never got to try it though because L finished it right away and I don't really eat salmon.

Your Local is located along Esteban Street, Makati City.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. salmon donburi looks yummy!

  2. Love the interior. There's an appeal in the simple, and it does remind me of a Western minimalist.

  3. Wow! I like the simplicity of their menu and the place! :)


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