Food Escapade at Hatch 22

When I found out that Solenn was opening up a restaurant, I told myself that I have to try her restaurant.  I don't know if she studied culinary or if she's a good chef but she's my girl crush, LOL!  Months after it opened, I still haven't tried her restaurant because there was always a long line and word got around that food was bland.  Unwillingly, it had to be crossed out on my list.

One weekend though, after wedding prep errands, L and I ended up in Rockwell to have dinner. We decided to have coffee after and on our way to Starbucks, I remembered that Hatch 22 is just nearby so might as well have coffee there.  I suppose their coffee isn't bad.

A "love note" by the entrance.

Oh, man. I love in love with its interior.
How can you not?

The Hatch 22 logo.

Look up and you'd see this.

With mangoes.
With bananas.
And Nutella?

Brazil and Ethiopian.

Nutella Spanish bread.
I forgot what our third coffee was.

The plan was to have coffee and just coffee.  But their menu was, how do I say it, appetising? You know when you instantly crave for a food just by reading its description in the menu?  That feeling.  Well, the pancake was okay.  I liked it.  L liked it although he said that it can be easily done in our kitchen.  The Nutella Spanish bread was 50% off because we got there a little before their closing time.  L loved the coffee.  It was so-so for me. I like my black coffee cold.  Just a tip, if you're ordering coffee, skip that brown sugar you see on the photo.  It's probably mixed with coconut something cos my coffee tasted like coconut after putting sugar. Ugh.  It was too late to ask for washed sugar.

Hatch 22 is located on the 1F of Powerplant Mall.

Hope your weekend was relaxing! It's almost LaBoracay!

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. I love Hatch 22! And I agree, their menu is so intriguing and too good to pass up on.

  2. Is this the one owned by Erwann? Wow! I heard a lot of great things about this restaurant and thank you for featuring it Miss Gem! :)

  3. i feel you Ms, Gem, by just looking at the pictures makes me hungggrrry! Is the pancake delicious parang I want to try that too 😄

  4. Haven't tried their other dishes as I haven't gone back since June last year. Mahority of the people I spoken to about this restaurant are telling me to ditch this but there are a few who said that their food is good :)

  5. I think this is owned by the siblings, Solenn and Erwann.

  6. oh dear that pancake!!! i want!!!

  7. You can do this at home :) packake + bananas + mangoes + chocolate syrup lang :)

  8. Had no idea that Solenn is involved in Hatch 22, but then again I haven't tried yet. Interiors are gorgeous. Pang-instagram talaga. :p

  9. Yeh, this resto is intagram worthy cos of its interiors :) yung food sakto lang!


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