Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Launch

Heroine Make is one of my favourites Japanese makeup brands to date. I know I haven't done any review about the Heroine Make products I received from BDJ. If we're close, then you'd know why I'm having difficulties reviewing products I received in 2014. But hey, I'm moving to another place again so I might just be able open my balikbayan boxes full of beauty products.

When I received an invite from Heroine Make, I confirmed my attendance immediately.  Besides, it was during the weekend so it was an awesome day to attend an event. The event was held at Mandom Philippines' head office in Makati.

Heroine Make finally comes up with an eyeshadow palette

Foolproof Sunscreen Products for Summer!


Two more nights to go and it's Laboracay weekend! Those that are going have probably packed their stuff already but I know there are still others that haven't even started packing. Well, well, well. This post might just be of help to those who'll be in the beach this Labor Day weekend.

Just a little info about me - I don't use sunscreen everyday. I only use it during summer or when I'm going to the beach or going to another tropical country.  It's probably why I'm a bit picky when it comes to products with SPF because I can easily tell when my skin gets dark. I want something that really works.

I have here 4 foolproof sunscreen products that you can use to to keep your face and body from getting burned.

Belo Essentials released a new sunscreen this summer which is their Sun Expert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++*. Those that do not like applying the lotion type of sunscreen will love this. I've used this for five days straight when I was in Singapore last Holy Week and I didn't get dark at all. Another thing that I like about this spray is that it's not sticky nor oily. It also gives this sheen effect that your skin is glowing. You can also use this for your face but I haven't tried this on my face yet as I use foundation with SPF.  This spray is also safe for kids. I'm not sure why there is a claim that it is safe to use on kids - perhaps other sunscreen spray products aren't. Beats me.

Daylong's Light Gel* for the face and body also has SPF 50 PA+++. If you prefer the lotion type than spray, then this could be the right one for you. It's also not sticky nor oily and dries matte on skin. It's non-comedogenic so your pores won't be clogged by using this!

If you want a sunscreen that is specifically for your face only, then you can try Avene's Very High Protection Cream*. It also has SPF 50 PA+++. It's white but the color disappears when you apply it to your face. It also smells good but not exactly a strong scent. If you're not into makeup but want protection on your face, then use this. SPF 50 should be enough.

Now, if you want some coverage on your face, you can use a foundation with high SPF. Shiseido's UV Protective Liquid Foundation with SPF 43 PA+++ is your go-to product. It has 6 shades to choose from. I feel that it's water resistant and stays on your face the whole day. I swear, I don't know how that's even possible. As in it stays on your face. It also dries matte (which I love) so it's ok if you don't set it with powder. It can set by itself. You might be wondering why I'm even recommending this but trust me, there are ladies that wear makeup even on the beach. It's probably not the norm but there's nothing wrong with that.

Time to enjoy summer without burning your skin!

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Guess Who's Back? Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara

If you're a kid from the 80s or 90s, then you've probably seen this pink & green tube of mascara at least once during your childhood.  And I bet, you saw this at your mom's vanity's table.

That's exactly how I remember this mascara.  I always thought it was a toy because of the colour.

The mascara that wowed millions of women is back in the market.

Looking Good the Morning After.

Do you know what these three makeup products have in common?

They are all named The Morning After.

Food Escapade at Hatch 22

When I found out that Solenn was opening up a restaurant, I told myself that I have to try her restaurant.  I don't know if she studied culinary or if she's a good chef but she's my girl crush, LOL!  Months after it opened, I still haven't tried her restaurant because there was always a long line and word got around that food was bland.  Unwillingly, it had to be crossed out on my list.

One weekend though, after wedding prep errands, L and I ended up in Rockwell to have dinner. We decided to have coffee after and on our way to Starbucks, I remembered that Hatch 22 is just nearby so might as well have coffee there.  I suppose their coffee isn't bad.

A "love note" by the entrance.

L'Oreal's Miss Manga has Arrived in Manila!

Earlier this week, L'Oreal launched their latest mascara in the Philippines - Miss Manga!  Now, you ask what manga means.  Is it the fruit or is it the Japanese word?  It's the latter.  Manga is a Japanese comic book. If you note the female characters in Manga (and even in animé, I guess), they sport full and flary lashes.  That is what this Miss Manga mascara is trying to achieve.

Spot Miss Manga.

Sigma Beauty's Welcome Gift!*

This Friday is such a good one because I finally received my welcome gift from Sigma!  I've been an affiliate way, way back.  But Sigma chained the platform or how their affiliate program was being handled so I was back to zero.

I've been waiting for this package since February.  Made a few follow ups and Paige told me that it's on its way.  My welcome gift was apparently sent out last March 16 and was delivered to my mailing address on March 28.  Unfortunately, I don't currently live on that mailing address so the mailman didn't leave the package.  It was sent back to the post office.  Then last night, my mom told me that there's a second notice for me that was sent to our old house.  I had a gut feeling that it was from Sigma because it' the only package I've been expecting.  So, I told my mom to pick it up for me at the post office cos I have work.

Encased in what looks like a black box, I immediately opened it when my mom gave it to me today.  It's a black box with hot pink lining inside.  Here are the goodies waiting for me inside:

eyeshadow in  Fawn
Lip Vex in Sheila
E25 trave brush
E55 travel brush (pink handle)
Lip Vex in Slip
3DHD Precision brush
3DHD Kabuki brush
eyeshadow in Seine
Sample blush (inside the Sigma card)

I'm so happy that Paige gave me their latest brush which is the 3DHD brush! I've been wanting it ever since I found out about it but I thought of waiting until Sigma's next free international shipping!  But hey, I don't have to wait anymore! My kabuki and precision brushes are now complete!

In case you are unfamiliar with Sigma, it's a branch that initially sold makeup brushes at a fairly cheaper price.  It wasn't exactly cheap but comparing it to MAC brushes, your USD50 can buy you a decent Sigma brush set while you get 2-3 makeup brushes from MAC.  Famous YouTubers have all tried Sigma at one point and it's probably one of the reasons Sigma got to where they are right now.  Their brushes are seriously made of good quality.  I've been using Sigma brushes since 2010 or 2011 and it killed my constant lemming for MAC brushes.  Eventually Sigma expanded their products and released their makeup line.

I'm excited to wake up tomorrow and try out these babies from Sigma!  Let me know what you want me to review first (although I'm guessing the lip products are the first ones up)!

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Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick*

I've always loved Colour Collection's Lip Therapy ever since I got to try it last 2013.  It really moisturises my lips and eventually made it even softer.  At the back of my mind, I was thinking that Colour Collection must come up with a lipstick version of their lip therapy.  But then I thought, maybe it wouldn't work out because lip therapy is too soft for a lipstick.  So, when I received the Colour Collection Lip Perfection lipsticks from my Sample Room family - its description is that it has Argan Oil and it's actually inspired from lip therapy - I knew I was in for a treat!

Lip Perfection lipstick in Bella, Amore, and Crema

Unboxing the (2015) April BDJ Box: Spring Into Beauty*

Another reason why I was looking forward to the weekend was because BDJ Box was on its way to my doorstep.  Tried to wait for it but we had to leave so I wasn't able to unbox until Sunday.

All the more that I got excited!

April is Spring time and BDJ was very on point with their theme.  First thing that came to my mind though was a box full of makeup (with pinks and yellows, you know, Spring colors). What greeted me when I opened the box though was a handful of skincare products! Okay na din cos it's so humid cos it's summer and I need all the shower comfort I can get!

I don't remember the last time I got so many products in a BDJ Box!

My Singapore Haul


I went to Singapore during Holy Week to celebrate my 30th birthday. A part of me was excited because there is Sephora in Singapore and there's so much makeup that I want to buy!  But I was also contemplating whether I should buy more makeup because I just have so much and adding to that means more backlogs. LOL.

Okay, I wasn't really planning on getting Tartelette at all because it didn't appeal to me that much.  But when I saw it in Sephora and swatched the eyeshadows, I was sold!  Considering the price wasn't too jacked up (got it for SGD69), I decided to get it.  On my way to the counter, I saw this Tarte oil and eye treatment.  Decided to give it a try because I wasn't to add eye cream to my night regimen.

L and I visited drugstores to look for something I  no longer remember.  I saw Avène's kiosk and found out that their Thermal Spring Water is on sale!  It was buy 1 take 1, too!  Here's the catch though, I can't see the expiration date on the bottle.  I'm not sure if it doesn't expire or what so I only got myself one (plus one).  Looking around for other products, I saw Oxy.  This reminded me of my middle school days and when my brother was still a teenager.  My brother used Oxy to get rid of his acne/pimples.  But it was only available in the states then so he usually hoarded.  I though of buying one pimple medication and acne wash to use it for my back.  I hope it's still as effective as it was 15 years ago!

So, that's it!  I'm proud of myself for not buying too much!

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Food Escapade at Your Local

The first time I've been to Yardstick, we saw this huge door inside that seems to be the door to a restaurant.  When we were on our way out, we asked the guard, and we were told that the door, indeed, connects to a restaurant.

We came back a few days after to try out this restaurant.  Without knowing what restaurant it is.

Okay, so they're open.
But what's the name of the restaurant?

Summer with Girlstuff Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection

At 30, I still enjoy painting or having my nails painted with
gorgeous shades of nail polish. Girlstuff has tons of shades to go gaga about!

Overview of Royale Beauty Products*


Lots of beauty products to choose from!
How do you know which one is for you?

Recent Makeup Haul


It's been awhile since I've done a haul post.  In all honesty, I've been holding back on hoarding and hauling on makeup because I ran out of space to store my makeup.  But one day, after attending the Shiseido International Beauty Fair, I had a few hours to spare and ended up lurking at the department store.

This is why I should never stay long and alone at the beauty section.

I've been looking for NYX Siren for quite a while and even though I know it's cheaper if I buy online, I decided to buy at the department store because I wanted to swatch it and see how I will like it.  The SA said it's similar to NYX Butter lipstick in Licorice so I got that, too.  Each lipstick costs me Php390.  Will do a comparison soon.

Makeup brands have been coming up with makeup HD-fied.  I no longer get the hype of HD foundation.  Non-HD makeup was used on my on my wedding day and when I saw the photos, I still looked flawless.  But an HD lipstick by Revlon?  This might be the first time I've heard of an HD lipstick.  Swatched all the colors (it comes in 20 shades) and I had to end up with the most boring shade of them all - NUDE shade.  They have a wide range of pinks, red, orange, and one nude shade. Well, I was just curious about this HD lipstick and I prefer to get a nude shade because I just got those vampy shades from NYX.  The shade I got is Camilla.  I hope it's as good as its swatch.

Then I came across Essence Cosmetics' kiosk.  I like this brand because it reminds me of my teen years.  I always check out their kiosk but always end up with nothing because I was resisting.  Not this time though.  I was immediately sold when I saw the shimmer pearls.  I instantly reminded me of Guerlain Meteorites!  It probably won't compare to Meteorites but I wanna know if it works well, too.  Review soon!

One of my most favourite products from Essence Cosmetics would have to be their All About Matt powder.  It used to be a loose powder but they change it into a compact one.  Since I can't find my Essence loose powder at the moment, I got myself this compact powder to see if it's as good as the loose one.

Revlon nail polish (the scented ones) was on sale for only Php150! I couldn't pass on that. I wanted to buy more but you can only avail it for the sale price if you buy their HD lipstick and I didn't fancy any other shade apart from Camilla.  I got the shade Fresh Laundry and it does smell like it. I love it!

The rest are Shiseido products that I got from the International Beauty Fair.  But if you can see in the middle, I was able to score the last piece of the Snow Beauty powder!  I got it in their Rockwell branch.  This powder is probably the most expensive product I have bought in my entire life.  It retails for PhP3,998.  It's a setting powder and skin care powder in one.  I'll see how it will make my skin better.  Hopefully it works cos it's freaking expensive.

Not in photo: Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation in Light Beige. Got it with a 10% discount in Rockwell!

That's it!  Here's to hoping I won't have more haul posts soon. Teehee!

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Food Escapade at Dean & Deluca (Manila branch)

I've been waiting for Dean & Deluca to open a branch here in Manila.  For awhile, I thought it's hopeless.  But then a very good friend of mine told me last year that Dean & Deluca was branching out in Manila (finally) and the first branch would be in Rockwell!  I swear it's meant to be.  How awesome is it that my favourite cafe & bakery has chosen a place that is just walking distance from my place?1 So awesome!

I love Dean & Deluca so much that I even wanted to work at Dean & Deluca in their New York branch LOL.

Macadamia Nut Latte and Americano.
Coffee is our always.

Products That Didn't Work for Me!


Warning: this post is not entirely a positive one.  Remember, what works for you might not work for me and vice versa.

Last 2013, I was on a "minimise pore" streak that I used a lot of pore-minimising products because he derma told me that my pores are getting bigger and I didn't want to have a surgery for that.  When I saw Etude House's Wonder Pore Skin Care line, I told myself I'd give it a go.  If it works, then good for me. After two months of using it, I wasn't contented with what it did to my face (of the lack thereof).  First of all, it doesn't have a any anti-acne property and it seemed that I broke out more often when I was using this.  Second, no wonder pore happened during and after I used this.  I don't recall anything significant happening to my pores when I used this.  So, I stopped (and also because I was breaking out and the other products I used didn't seem to work well with Wonder Pore).

Second on this list is the Snoe Beauty Happy Heels Blister Balm.  I got this for a whopping PhP550 pesos in the hopes that it can heal my tiny blisters on my feet cos of my 4-5 inch heels!  But no, nothing happened.  Quite honestly, it's just the jumbo version of their beso balm.  Not effective at all. Should've just saved my money.

Another product from Snoe Beauty that disappointed me was the Spot On Spot Off acne fading gel.  Guess what, it never faded any of my pimples.  It didn't aggravate but it didn't make it smaller either. That's why it's included in this list.

Lastly, Nanny Rose's Gugo Lawat anti-hait fall conditioner.  I got its shampoo counterpart from one of those beauty boxes (can't exactly remember).  I held off using the shampoo for quite some time because I was looking for its conditioner and it was always out of stock at SM and Watson's.  Then last month, I finally saw it was back on stock so I bought one in a heart beat!  Used this combo the following day and oh my gosh, it left my hair tangled and very difficult to comb.  It was pretty consistent, too, as I used it everyday after that.  So, I don't understand how the conditioner conditions and softens my hair.  This is probably the first time I've encountered a conditioner that makes my hair even more unruly and tangled after shower.  What I did to make this "work" or to finish these products because I didn't want my money to go to waste is I mix my VS hair treatment while washing my hair so I can achieve a softer hair.

Here are some products that didn't work for me.  If you've tried this and didn't work for you as well, let me know! I'd like to know your experience about it!  If the product worked for me, let me know as well!

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ZA Perfect Solution Skin Care Line*


I don't switch my skin care routine as much as I should. I was told before to switch/change every 3 months because your face gets used your routine making it less effective. Or something to that effect. Sometimes, it's true. Sometimes, it isn't.

I'm lucky to be able to try several skin care products for free.  It usually depends how excited I am with the product but it's either I use it right away or wait until I finish my current products.  And it's always the latter.

The first skin care product I was able to try from ZA Cosmetics was the cleansing foam. I don't remember exactly but I think it was from Sample Room. It came with the collagen cream which I also liked.  I love how my face feels so clean without my skin feeling tight.  It's supple and soft.  The collagen cream is used during night time and I'm glad it's not as sticky as some creams are.  Because I liked the cleansing foam and collagen so much, I decided to complete the skin care line to for the full experience.  When I checked SM though,  the toner and moisturiser costs around PhP700++ and there was no way I would purchase it.  I thought (then) it was too expensive.  So, I got a VIP membership at Sample Room so I can avail the moisturiser and toner for free!  Well, I paid 500 for the membership fee.  But I still saved a lot especially that the first two products are from my Sample Room family as well.

I used this skin care line for more than one year and I still haven't finished the products.  Yes, I didn't use this religiously as in every single day because there were other products that I HAD TO try.  But this is the skin care line (to date) that I keep on coming back to after trying a few products for a few weeks.  It's how good this skin care line is to my skin.

The cleansing foam is very effective in removing dirt from my face and even excess makeup.  I hardly see any excess makeup on my cotton pad after applying the toner.  I like how the toner gives a certain moist to my face for a bit then dries matte but not exactly drying to my face.  The moisturiser is not at all sticky.  It's a tad runny compared to other moisturisers, yes.  But my face absorbs it quickly.

Oh, the best thing about this skin care line?  Dark spots had cleared and I never broke out!

Let me know if you've tried this skin care line.  I'd like to know if it worked for you, too!

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March 2015's Commenter of the Month and What's in Store for April's Commenter of the Month!


I was expecting to feel March.  You know, to be able to say "Tagal naman ng March!"  But no, just like February, March went by so fast.  I'm thankful for being able to attend a handful of blogger events.  At least, I was able to include that in my busy schedule.  I swear, there are just days when I feel that I need more than 24 hours in a day.

I mentioned in one of my comments that the prize for April will definitely be a good one!  As you already know, I'll be giving away 6 Maybelline makeup products and one cosmetics pouch!  I hope you're just as excited as I am!