Royale Beauty Satin Lipstick*

I'm sure you've heard about Royale Beauty.  All this time, I thought the brand only offers whitening soap and lotion.  I was shocked to find out that they also have lipstick!

Royal Beauty Satin Lipstick in Hot Chili

Royal Beauty lipstick has two kinds of finish - frosted and satin.  The one I got to try is their satin lipstick.  As per its brochure, their lipstick is "a petri chemical free lipstick which moisturises, nourishes and protect lips, with natural active ingredients and colorants that are carefully selected and widely known to be age and proven to be effective."  The lipstick also contains shea butter, grape seed oil, Oryzanol and Vitamin E (anti-oxidant and anti-aging).

I got the shade in Hot Chili.  Basing from the name, I was expecting it to be rich red.  But when I opened it, the shade is closer to pink with reddish tones.

Here's a swatch of Hot Chili at the back of my palm.  This specific photo has no filter.  That's one swatch.  That's how opaque this lipstick is.

This is how Hot Chili fares on my lips.  I like that the shade swings both ways - you argue with yourself for a bit if it's pink or red and end up agreeing that it's a mix of both.  The shade is loud enough to brighten up your dull face (refer to my photos below; no makeup except for my brows) but the shade is also a great shade to wear during day time.

The lipstick lasts on me for about 5 hours or until I eat.  Since this shade is not on the lighter shade of the colour spectrum, it stains your lips when it starts to fade or after you eat.  The stain is still pinkish which I personally like.  I can get away without retouching my lipstick.  I usually apply lip balm prior to lipstick application but with this satin lipstick, I don't need to apply lip balm cos the shea butter moisturises my lips already!  For ladies that prefer matte lipsticks but have dry lips, then satin lipstick is the way to go!  You get a decent matte without exposing your lip lines and you can see that with Royal Beauty lipstick.

Their lipstick line doesn't have a lot of shades which in my opinion is a good thing so you don't get confuse on which one to get.  You can just decide to get all five shades.  Haha!  This lipstick is only PhP525.00 a pop!

Shades for the Satin lipstick:
Coral Craze, Hot Chili, Pink Champagne, Rum Raisin, and Wild Rose

Shades for the Frosted lipstick:
Copper Charm, Pink Quartz, Bronze Summer, Nude Zircon, Soft Garnet

I think Royal Beauty is not widely available at leading departments stores (not sure) but you can try their products from certain dealers or distributors - Similar to Colour Collection, Natasha, Sophie and the like.

If you want to try Royal Beauty products, you may directly contact 0939-9314093 and/or 0998-5576485.  They ship anywhere in the Philippines (shipping fee to be shouldered by the buyer).  Or if you're shy to text them, let me know then I'll be the one to inform them.

* I am not affiliated with Royal Beauty.  Product was sent for editorial purposes. I was not compensated for this post nor will I ever get incentive/commission for sales/referrals generated by this post.  Thoughts on this product are my own and not affected by PR sample.

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  1. nice shade of red. same here didnt know royale has lipstick line na din. thanks for sharing this 😄

  2. This is from Royale as in the multi level marketing/networking brand?

  3. Yes. I read somewhere that their soaps are available at Watson's. The way I see it, it's similar to Human Nature, Colour Collection etc unlike One Lighting.

  4. I'm familiar with the brand but didn't know that they have lipstick too. I love the shade of this lipstick although I think it suits on fairer skintone like you. Hehe :)


  5. I would love to try the coral craze for satin lipstick. It's good to know that it last for about an hour unlike other lipstick I'd tried that last for about a minute lang. Thisa lipstick looks like very smooth to glide in the lips. It's also a plus that you don't need to put lip balms. ;)



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