NARS Blush in Gaeity

NARS Cosmetics is probably one of my most favourite brands that I do not get to review or feature more on my blog.  My first encounter with NARS is their Orgasm blush. I think that is most bloggers' first encounter with the brand as well.  I love Orgasm blush so bad, it's probably the only blush that I consistently hit pan on and repurchase.  But of course, as a blogger and makeup enthusiast, we all got to hustle and try other shades.

NARS Cosmetics has a wide range of blush colors.  Gaeity is my fourth NARS blush but it's the one that is dearest to me.

NARS Gaeity.
Originally, this was a Limited Edition blush; part of 2012 Spring Collection

But then NARS decided it had to be part of the permanent range. Woot-woot!

Apologies for the poor swatch.  It's just that lately, I find it more accurate when I look at the color from my fingers than watching it at the back of my palm.  From NARS Cosmetics' website, it's described as a "bright candy pink" which confuses me cos even from the pan, it's nothing like that.  For me, it's a pastel pink with purple undertone (is there even a purple undertone?!).  I like this shade of blush.  Most of my blushes are pink or peach.

The photos below show how Gaiety translates on my cheeks.  That's two swipes of Gaiety blush.  Okay, NARS blush is usually pigmented this is why I was a tad disappointed with Gaiety that I have two apply it 2-3 times for it to be visible on my cheeks.

On second, I really like the flush it gives on my face.  It's like I'm gushing over a high-school crush kind of blush.  I got used to swiping it to my face more than once and I'm already okay with it.  It's like the shade grew on me.  I don't mind spending PhP1,350 for this blush!

What makes Gaiety close to my heart is the fact that I met THE Albert Kurniawan when this blush was released as part of NARS Spring 2012 collection.  I didn't know who he was then but he was the one that assisted me after the NARS event and recommended several products.  He was also the one who told me that Gaeity would look perfect on me.  Well, no doubt on that one!  I kid, LOL!

I'm not on my third pan of NARS Gaiety.  I sold the first one when I was confused about this blush.  Then I missed it and bought another one.  Emptied it in less than a year!

NARS Cosmetics is available at all Rustan's Department stores.

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  1. I own the same blush as well i really love the shade of it! :)

  2. This is very nice blush! I can't find a dupe for this!

  3. i love my deep throat ms gem =) hindi po kasi ako kaputian kaya hindi rin masyado makikita sakin ang pink blush =(

  4. I'm afraid to use that kind of shade. Feeling ko iitim ako tingnan. hehe :) I prefer to use coral shades since its the safest. haha


  5. Lovely color! And it really fits you Miss Gem. For me, I'll go for a lighter shades as my blush on. :)

  6. It's beautiful. Reminds me of Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink and just a wee little bit of Benefit's Lollitint. Like if those two had a baby, it would be this. :)) I love it.

  7. Love your description, girl :)


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