Food Escapade at Tampopo

Tired and clueless where to eat, L and I ended up at Tampopo.  We went to Greenhills to try Rita's but it's just absurd to have that for lunch so we went to Promenade first.  And of course, since we love Japanese cuisine, we sub-consciously chose Tampopo over Little Italy.

Ramen.  Spicy something.

My refillable iced tea beside the condiments

Seafood and Katsu Set, PhP490.00

Salmon Donburi (?), PhP300++

I don't easily get upset with Japanese cuisine because I love it that much.  But Tampopo was different.  The salmon wasn't fresh fresh.  The seafood and katsu didn't taste good at all.  I didn't even finish my food.  L wasn't happy with his ramen either.  We thought the food was good at this restaurant.  It's just not worth it for the price.

Let me know if you've tried Tampopo and how you like it.  Perhaps, our choices weren't their best seller or something?  Haha.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. Mukhang masarap lang pla sa pic Ms. Gem. my bday is coming and my hubby wants me to treat him there ndi pla msarap. Sayang lng..hehe

  2. The photos look appetizing though and half way reading, I thought of my friend who also loves Japanese cuisine. Thinking of recommending this to him but based on your ugly experience, probably not. Thank you for this feature Miss Gem. :)

  3. I think our bill was around 1,500++. Such a waste of money :(

  4. OMG!!! Super lugi. Tsk.

  5. the food looks delish ms gem but im saddened that you didnt enjoy them waste of time and money =(

  6. I've been to GH a handful of times this year and last year, but I haven't been able to get a good look around. :( Ang dami nang pagbabago. I used to hang out with my high school friends at Promenade quite often, but that was such a long time ago. Definitely, wala pa yung new building/wing. The salmon looks so fresh, btw!

  7. Honestly the food looks so delicious especially the salmon. Sadly, you didn't enjoyed it. I'll better take note of this restaurant.


  8. Yabu is great! My friends really love to eat there.


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