Food Escapade at Kenji Tei

Lately, Japanese cuisine is L and I's go-to food.  It's usually L's craving for ramen while I'm craving for Ebi or Gyoza.

After my appointment at Strip, we decided to have late lunch at the mall instead of going home.  We couldn't really decide where to eat so when we passed by Kenji Tei, we thought why not.

Japanese food is always a good idea, yes?

Their ebi tempura was homungous!  Paying 495 for 5 pcs is definitely worth it!

L ordered ramen.  I don't remember what exactly he ordered.  This ramen tastes good although it doesn't taste like the usual ramen.  It tastes like seafood, if that makes sense.

He also ordered salmon sashimi.  This is his favourite and reason why he loves Japanese cuisine!  Never tried this cos I don't like raw food but L said it was really good.  It was melting in his mouth!

Of course, I gotta have my Gyoza!  I'm glad it didn't disappoint.  This is around 195 for 6 pieces. A bit pricey compared to other Japanese restaurants.

This is another Japanese restaurant that we'll most like frequent moving forward.  They have a lot of choices of ramen unlike other ramen houses.  I find their menu extensive as there are a lot of choices! Let me know what your favourite dish is at Kenji Tei!  That might be my next order!

Kenji Tei is located at the 3rd Floor of Greenbelt 5.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. This restaurant looks promising and I'm also not into sashimi but I would love to try this. Ramen looks good as well. :)

  2. Love the food here! It's worth it!

  3. Wow! Looks yummy. Nagutom ako bigla. Haha.. hopefully ma try namin ni hubby soon.
    Thanks for sharing Ms. Gem ! 😊💖

  4. enticing photos! totally craving for a ramen right now, thanks for sharing, is the food worth it? for such price? since restaurants are really expensive there in greenbelt. I'm a big fan of japanese restaurants and it's my quest to try them all hehe

  5. Me and my officemate loves lunching out, and since we love trying new foods we agreed to try japanese ramen (and how does the authentic one tastes) so we tried ryoma's and dear the serving is already good for two so we split our orders =) we tried the seafood ramen (they said it was their best seller) and it tastes so good! their miso soup is delish too!

    on our next visit we will try their tempura combo =) im curious on the taste of their famous gyoza too ms gem!

  6. I think our total bill was around 1,500++ :)

  7. The salmon looks so fresh! I'm a tempura and soba girl, myself. :))

  8. I'm not a Japanese food lover but I like their tempura and ramen so much.Yan lang lagi ang inoorder ko pag nagyaya ang friends ko. haha :p As for the food you ordered it looks worth it na for 1,500+ :)


  9. If your familiar with Satori, their ramen also taste good. They also have a free green tea which is good for 3-4 persons. Although some of their food are expensive, worth to try pa rin naman.



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