Food Escapade at Kettle

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Here's a quick food escapade for you.  When I saw the Top 10 best restaurants for 2013, I told myself that I have to try all the restaurants in the list.

Of course, Kettle was part of the list.  Actually, there were a lot of restaurants included on the list that is located in the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza.

Kettle is always full during lunch and dinner.  So, we had to try dining during off-peak hours.  Early dinner at 5pm.  Why not.

Drinks in carafe. Check.

Penne Pasta (I think it had tocino)

Corned Beef (best seller)

Okay, I may no longer remember the exact name of what were ordered but I remember that they were all yummy!  No wonder they are part of the Top 10 best restaurants for 2013.  Gotta warn you though that this restaurant is a bit pricey.  A dish can cost you at least PhP700.

Let me know if you've tried Kettle and let me know what you ordered!

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