Used and Abused: Fairydrops Mascara

If there's one makeup product that I do not buy on a whim, it's definitely mascara.  For one thing, it dries fast.  Second, I almost always get panda eyes after 4-5 hours of wearing it.

Me and Mascara don't click like that, yo.

Then there was Fairydrops.

I used to think my closest to HG material mascara was Majolica Majorca.  It was actually a tie between Majolica Majorca and Fasio.  But Fasio was taken out of the beauty counters here in Manila and it's not just smart to stock up on Fasio Mascara everytime I see it in Watson's (HK).  Just. Not. Smart.

I don't remember what year I started using Fairydrops and if I started using it before it even became available in Manila but I always catch myself reaching out for this even after I've tried a different brand of mascara.  Fairydrops mascara to me is like my slippers at home.

Is it the unique mascara brush?  Probably.  I smile just by looking at it cos I know I'm using something unique. You get the idea.  On the reals though, what I love about this mascara is it capacity to hold its curl the entire day.  It also lengthens my lashes just right.  Not too long but long enough to see there's a difference between my coated and naked lashes. I'm actually good with one coat of mascara!

My coated lashes uncurled.

My coated curled lashes

Consider this an ode to my silver Fairydrops mascara because it accidentally fell in our toilet bowl and I had to flush it goodbye!

Follow me! Yes? No? Yey!


  1. Heard that Fairy drops will be phased out soon here. Huhu. I got the items days ago, and thank you! :)

  2. Yeh, I heard. Maybe that's why my mascara fell in the bowl. It said goodbye in advance LOL! Hope you'll love Sex Machine. Never got a chance to review it cos mine is abused and fugly already :))

  3. This looks niiice :) I wish it can add more volume and length to the lashes thoughhh.. super short kase ng lashes ko.. so volume and length talaga kelangan. hihihi :D

  4. It can add volume and length :) maikli rin lashes :)


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