Getting Hitched Series: The Ring that Sets the Deal


Most couples get engaged because the boyfriend proposed - and usually with a ring.  When I got engaged, one of the things I was frequently asked was about the ring.

"Can I see your ring?!?"
"Do you like your ring?!?"

Here's the thing. Before I got engaged, L and I had discussed about the rings (and jewelry) that I like. In general.  Not exactly about engagement rings.  For a band, it's either plain or an eternity ring.  Nothing too complicated when it comes to its design.  But I did mention a black diamond would be nice. I might have also said nothing less than 1 carat and that it had to be a Tiffany ring (a girl can dream, right?).

A few months later, he popped the question and gave me the ring.  To answer the question above, yes, I did like the ring!  I don't have a photo of my engagement ring on my laptop so I won't be able to attach it here.  But it's pretty nice!

Ever since I got engaged, I kind of got hooked about engagement rings.  Sometimes I finding myself searching for engagement rings for no apparent reason. Apart from looking at my ring, I like looking at engagement rings online because it sets me in a happy mood.  Being engaged is such a happy feeling.  I can't describe exactly how it feels.  But one thing is for sure, you can't stop smiling about the thought of it.

Here are some of the engagement rings that I like:

1. Emerald Cut with baguette

I used to confuse this with the famous Princess cut because of the shape (square vs rectangle).  They almost look the same from afar when worn on your finger.  I like this because, on my finger, the diamond looks bigger than it really is.  Also, it's classic, simple yet sophisticated.  I also noticed that a lot of Hollywood female celebrities' engagement rings have an emerald cut diamond.

2. Round Cut with Halo

This is another favourite.  If you have a round cut diamond that is a little small, you can give it an illusion of being bigger by adding a halo or cushion around it.  Imagine if the diamond is more than 1.5 carat, then all the more it looks big!  One of my rings is similar to this!

3. Black or Blue Oval Diamond

A ring with a different color of diamond is always pretty.  For me though, I like black and blue with small diamonds around it to emphasise the color even more.  But even it doesn't have a halo/cushion, it would still look nice.  I've tried one already when I was in a jewelry shop and it looks so fierce but still feminine!

4. Tiffany Setting

This, I say, is simplicity at its finest.  Perfect for any wedding band.  I love who this never goes out of style.  This is called the Tiffany setting because this is the best seller engagement ring of Tiffany & Co. A 1 carat of this style can set you back at at least USD20 grand!

There are a lot of engagement rings out there.  So many intricate designs, too!  But these 4 are my favourite designs!

Honestly, I don't know how most guys choose engagement rings for their girlfriends.  It's very difficult for their part because they know nothing about rings and it becomes even more difficult when their girlfriend is not into jewellery as well!  For L, he subtly asked what I like about rings so he would have an idea on what I would like.  He also asked helped from his female friend who knows a thing or two about jewellery.

Whether you get your dream engagement ring or not, what's even more important is the essence of your boyfriend's proposal.  Enjoy and seize the moment as it's one of those moments that you can always look back and incessantly smile.  I know I do.

On my next Getting Hitched Series post, I'll talk about the first few things we did when we got engaged!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow those rings are gorgeous.I'm happy for you that you are engaged.I hope I can see what your ring looks like;)

  2. I'll take a good photo of it and share it here next time :)

  3. I wanna hear about this kwento! :)


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