Food Escapade at Plana's Pantry

We were so tired when we got back from Japan, so instead of cooking food, we dined at this dainty restaurant near our condominium.

It's so homey inside and full of good and positive vibes.

fries for about PhP70

steak around 300++

Salpicao!! Love this!

their oversized drinks

They were still on soft opening when we ate there but their service was good.  The place was also half-full when we got there.  L and I loved our food that we told ourselves we'd go there again when we are lazy to cook. Hehe!

Plana's Pantry is located along Libertad Street, Mandaluyong across California Garden Square.  Credit card is accepted.

Follow me! Yes? No? Yey!


  1. True.. Super sarap and sulit tlaga. :)

  2. What have you tried here? Di pa ko nakakabalik ulit but lookong forward to my next visit :)

  3. I've tried their Mushroom Salpicao, Gindara Steak yata un and Chocolate Rumble :D


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