Beauty Budget Series: In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

I've been wanting to make a review about this powder but it took me almost one year to do this because I keep on forgetting about it - in a good way.

I'm known for changing/alternating makeup every two weeks.  While that is the case, eyebrow product is probably the only product that I don't change frequently.  I basically alternate between powder and gel and pencil when I'm travelling.

I fixed my travel toiletry case today and saw this eyebrow product on one of the pockets. So, aha, it's up for a review!

This is my second pan and I'm proud of it!

In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in #1

I'm a bit confused about its shade cos the one I have is #1 but I don't think there is another shade available.  This small eyebrow palette comes in 3 shades which is already a good deal because an eyebrow palette that is as small as this usually only has 2 shades - light and dark.

No matter what your hair color is, you can achieve the brow color that you want with this product.  My hair has always been light ever since I got this that's why the most used colors are the medium and dark shades.  The light brow color is barely touched.  I sometimes use it though to fill the part of my brows closer to the T-zone.

Scratches all over this thing.  Although I hate it when the case of makeup products get scratches, I also feel a sense of accomplishment because it means that this product is something that I frequently use and abuse.  Besides, this stays in my makeup kit and I never take this out in public so I don't mind it being full of scratches.

It does come with a tiny mirror inside and eyebrow brush although I prefer to use a bigger mirror and my good ol' Charm eyebrow brush duo.

swatches that don't give justice to their real color

I tried my best to make the true colors of the swatches appear but the camera can't capture it perfectly.  That's actually 3 swipes per color.  It doesn't show much on the skin but the color shows up and is very pigmented, might I add, on my brows!

my perfectly arched brows

The photo above shows my fake but perfectly arched brows.  I say fake cos my brows are actually thinner without filling.  I usually use the dark shade and combine it with the medium shade to fill the rest of the brows.  It does stay on the whole day. But there are days when I get home and check my brows to see a little fading, that my brows got lighter making it look more natural.  I've also tried this when I went out for a swim and it pretty much stayed put with a little fading, of course.

This brow product retails for PhP299 only and I reach for this more than my MAC brow duo powder. I'm not quite sure if it's because of the price tag which also makes me reach for this more often.  But considering the price, wouldn't you use this blatantly and carelessly because it is very affordable?!  I think I do.

Oh yeh, this brow product will take you years to finish.  It has an expiration of 5 years but I don't even think I can finish this in 5 years.  Caveat, I am light handed.  The only reason I am on my second pan is because I lost the first one, haha!

Do let me know if you've tried this and what you think about this product!

In2it is available at all leading department stores nationwide.

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  1. I havent tried prodcut but i often saw this at SM. I am waiting for the review of this product before considering to buy one .. hehe.. And i love your eyebrows i will definitely buy this. Thanks for the review Ms. Gem

  2. I love your brows!

  3. nakita ko sa landmark last monday 265 nlang xa kasi naka sale nagaalangan pa ko bilhin pero sige na nga bibili na ko pag punta ko ulit hahaha.. sakto talaga to ng post mo Ms.gem haha

  4. It's on sale. Go buy na :) kung mabilis lang maubos to, I'd really stock up :)

  5. It's pretty good. Might not have any use for the lightest shade though...but maybe as a shadow. How many grams is it?

  6. I think it's around 3.5 grams if I'm not mistaken. I use the lightest on the inner part of my brows or as an eyeshadow sometimes :)

  7. Meron po akong nakitang In2It cosmetics na tinitinda sa isang local department store dito samin.Hindi naman po siya napepeke noh gaya ng MAC?Pero trusted naman yung store:)

  8. I hope wala ng fake ang in2it cos most of the products are affordable naman :)

  9. I'm currently using this product, even my mom who's not a make up fan got converted! :) iba kasi talaga kapag maayos ang brows. Love the colors, you can mix and match depending on hair color. It stays the whole day, and a little goes a long way. So affordable pa

  10. Agree! Ok talga to! Kaya lang minsan feeling ko i have this for so long na pero di pa rin ubos haha!

  11. I have to agree that you have perfect eyebrows. Inggit much ako. (T_T) Anyway, the fact that it's affordable and waterproof is important especially for the ladies on a budget (like myself). Kaso kakabili ko lang ng brow mascara, pag naubos na lang yun, then I'll try this one =)

  12. Matagal nam expiration nito so ok lang :)

  13. Is it powder po ba?What kind of brush do you use?i can't perfect doing my brows,Ganda ng brows niyo,Hindi mataray ang dating,I need more practice and watch tutorials..aghhh..hihi


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