Benefit Exclusive BDJ Box for November (2014)*

I didn't receive the October BDJ Box. So, when I got an e-mail about that the November BDJ Box was on its way to my doorstep, I couldn't be more excited.

And because I couldn't contain my excitement, I browsed to see if other Bellas have already posted their November BDJ Box.

Lo and behold, it's another Benefit exclusive box!  Most of the comments I've read were about frustrations about the box.  As for me, I was still excited to see mine!

What got me excited about the box was They're Real Push-Up Liner. I've been wanting to see one in deluxe size and now I already have one!  I was also expecting to receive the deluxe size of the makeup remover but unfortunately, it wasn't included in my Box.

Won't be going through the details of the items because you all know what they do.  But here are the items I received inside the box:

  1. They're Real Mascara
  2. They're Real Push-Up Liner
  3. Benetint
  4. Lollitint
  5. Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer
  6. Big Easy
  7. Bathina Mist

I also got samples of Benefit's skincare line like their It's Potent eye cream and the like.  But it's came in a sachet and not picture worthy IMO so I didn't bother.

What I like about these deluxe sizes is that they give us ample amount to see if the product is a hit or miss for us.  I think getting this box is still fair if you paid PhP580 cos there's no way you're getting these deluxe sizes in Benefit without shelling out at least PhP1,000 in purchasing a product.  As for me, since this is the 3rd Benefit exclusive Box that I received, then it saves me money in purchasing a full sized product from Benefit.  Be positive guys!  No need to be Negatron about this box!

Oh, and by the way, I am liking Stay Flawless Primer!  It doesn't stay as long as it claims but it's as par with my other primers and that's good enough for me.

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