Food Escapade at Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe

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While working on my baptismal certificate, Lawrence and I decided to look for a cafe somewhere in Quezon City to make the trip worthwhile. After all, we're not always on this part of the Metro.

I've heard of Mrs. Graham's Cafe before and I thought it was somewhere in New Manila.  Thank goodness for Foursquare, we were able to find the cafe in a jiffy!

Macron Cafe, aye?

I was a bit surprised to find out that the cafe is really small.  It only has about 4 tables inside.  I was hoping it to be bigger.

Still looks dainty though.

Stairs going up but I think this is just a facade.
You can't go upstairs.

Macarons displayed by the window.

Macarons displayed by the window.

How cute is this pendant ceiling light?

Hello from the Tius!

Gorabells, lamon!

Day is made!

We ordered four flavours of macarons - Rose, Vanilla, Baileys, and I forgot the other one. Their macarons range from PhP45-65 each.  They have s'mores macaron but I didn't try that because it looks a bit off for me. We also ordered black coffee and caramel latte.  The caramel latte was too sweet though.

Their macarons taste so good!  I'll definitely be back here to try the other flavours!

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