Food Escapade at Local Edition

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Ever since I got hooked on exploring 3rd wave coffee shops or any other coffee shop that isn't too mainstream, I make it to a point to visit them when I get the time.

While browsing the popular photos on my Instagram feed, I saw a photo of coffee cups.  I clicked on it and found out that there's a coffee shop that recently opened in Perea Street.

It's called no other than Local Edition. Mm-hmm.

The set-up actually reminds me of this hidden coffee shop in Hong Kong.

Most of the famous coffee shops here in Manila are quite big.  Of course, a coffee shop is one of the easiest place to hang out.  Whether you're waiting for someone or just want to be alone or study.  Local Edition is not as big not as small either. Space is just right.

You'll see this pretty much in every table.

The counter. They don't have much on their menu.

Love those hanging plants.

This is what you'll see when you look up. Natively festive.

Want some alone time? You can sit here.

I think they're selling coffee beans.

We ordered Flat White and Tablocha.
They use those little cookies to determine which drink is which.

And some cold pasta. I got hungry when I looked at the menu.

Their flat white is around PhP135 people for a small cup.  You have a choice if you want regular or strong brew.  I chose regular brew but regretted it because it felt too light than the usual flat white.  The next time I'll visit, I'll get their strong brew.

I wasn't abe to try Tablocha but the name itself is already interesting.  Lawrence said it was okay.  It's a real tablea mixed and melted on hot water.  Not sure if there's also a mix of coffee.  But there probably is.

Their cold pasta is good!  The price is okay for PhP180.  It's yummy and healthy as it has pesto, feta cheese, and tomatoes.  On my next visit though, I'll probably try their grilled cheese sandwich.

They also serve cake and cookies if you want something like or if you think coffee and cold pasta don't taste good together.

It's nice to see new coffee shops sprout left and right.  I love drinking coffee and it's even more accessible now to grab a coffee in almost every corner.  The interiors of these new coffee shops are also something eye catching that makes it worth while to visit and take your time drinking your coffee on their coffee table.

This is one of those coffee shops that I'd definitely visit again.

Local Edition is located along Perea Street, Makati City.

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