Food Escapade at Department of Coffee

So, the third wave coffee shop craze continues.

We decided to go to Department of Coffee this time as it's just near the house. We were lucky when we got there because we were the only customers!

Look at their menu. Quite unique, huh?

This is quite an unusual coffee shop because it's rather small.  Most coffee shops here in the Metro are big as they always think that the bigger the place, the better.

Department of Coffee also has just one long table that customers have to share.  I find it odd at first then later on realised its purpose.

They use La Marzocco to brew their coffee!!

Black coffee and Latte

I love their latte! Unlike most third wave coffee shops where they use a rather small cup, Department of Coffee uses a big cup. It's not big, big.  But it's not the usual size either.  I love it because you get your money's worth on their latte.

They have card games and board games placed on the table that you can play with.  I guess this is why they only have one long table so that customers can play with each other.  It's one way to interact and meet new friends.  Clever, aye?

They mainly offer coffee and a pastries like cookies and slices of cake.  There's a Noodle House beside them and you can cross-order if you like since the owners are friends.

Department of Coffee is located along Wilson Street, San Juan beside Mu Noodle Bar.

Follow me! Yes? No? Yey!


  1. the long table idea is really cool! while it may be awkward to others who are looking for some private time, i guess they played it well considering the small space! :) great place to socialize! :)

  2. I think at one point, it will really get awkward especially when the place is full. But being able to play board games and card games will eventually kill the awkwardness. I'm actually looking forward to come back to this coffee shop and hopefully, there'd be more people :)


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