Look Beauty Lip Smoothie

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My lips are pretty moody.  Sometimes it's very chappy.  Other times, it's very hydrated.  This is why I always have lip balm with me. I gotta admit though that I still forget to apply lip balm religiously.  I'm just lazy like that LOL.

I was really into exfoliating last year.  When I saw Look Beauty's Lip Smoothie and realised it's a lip scrub, I immediately bought to see how this scrub will work on my lips.

Look Beauty Lip Smoothie, PhP350

This lip scrub is not like the usual body scrub.  Firstly, the beads are not that big.  It actually feels like a grain of salt.  You'd feel it but if you scrub it on your lips, it's still gentle enough.  It's like petroleum jelly with beads.

After scrubbing, I wipe my lips with tissue to take off the access scrub.

Here's a photo of my lips after scrubbing.  No more chapped lips.

This lip scrub is quite addicting.  Even when I don't have chapped lips, I still apply this and scrub my lips.  I love how it makes me lips so soft!

Lip Smoothie retails for PhP350 and can be purchased at Makeup Hub.

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