Food Escapade at Guevarra's

On the verge of scheduling posts, I checked my drafts to see why I have 31 pending posts. Yes, 31. I don't know, it just piles up and piles up. Can you say beauty blogger problems?

If you've been visiting this blog for a couple of months now or even years, you'd know it's second nature that I post about food as well. I can't exact;y call myself a food blogger as I can't concretely and concisely describe the taste of food but I do like to take photos of food an dine at a new restaurant on a regular basis. Usually on weekends.It's probably gluttony but hey, I do like to try new restos even the hole-in-the-wall ones.

We all know Chef Lau because he's Chef Lau. Although honestly, I only found out about him during the Master Chef show in Manila.

KrisTV featured one of Chef Lau's new restaurants (well, it was new last year) named Guevarra's. I don't remember why it's called Guevarra's. Hmm, maybe because it's near or along P. Guevarra? Beats me.

My mom reserved tables the same day she saw the resto on TV. She was surprised to find out that the restaurant was fully booked for the next two weeks. It's the kind of restaurant where you can't really walk in. You have to make reservations way, way ahead. So, my mom made a reservation just in time when my aunts from the US were here as they sure love Filipino food.

So, what's exactly in Guevarra's?

Guevarra's is a Filipino buffet restaurant unlike any other. What sets them apart from the rest of the buffet restaurants is the fact that they do not have the same menu everyday/weekly. It varies a lot so even if you dine here today and come back tomorrow, you'd still enjoy the food! Also, most of the Filipino food has a twist! Think of it as a fuzion buffet restaurant focused on Filipino cuisine.

Balanban - this was my favorite! My aunt was craving for lechon and we all thought that what was in the carving station was lechon. When my aunt asked the waiter, he said it's Balanban, the belly part of the pig. That is why it's sinfully yummy!

Most of the food is Filipino cuisine but they also serve pasta and pizza. Ooh, they have homemade dirty ice cream, too! The food was good although nothing really stood out for me except for Balanban and what seemed like Chorizo Pasta.

We went last year around July or August during lunch time. I can't exactly remember. Even on lunch time, it was full!

If I'm not mistaken, they charge PhP399 per person. I'm not sure if the rave has died down and if you can already walk-in and be able to get a table. I haven't been back ever since. If you're trying Guevarra's for the time, yes, it's worth the one-week wait because all the food they serve is good! But if it's your 2nd or 3rd time around and you just want to have buffet, then you can re-think and check other options if you don't like the waiting time.

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  1. The food looks delicious! I've been nagging my coworkers to eat there. :D


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