Unboxing the August 2014 BDJ Box!*

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When BDJ started posting teasers for their August box, I couldn't help but guess what the next surprise would be.  There was also a mention about the Golden Ticket winner given to 100 Bellas only!

When I got home last Saturday from errands, I saw a package from Xend and I had a gut feeling that it was the August BDJ Box!  I was right!

I opened the package and this is what greeted me:

Congratulations! I'm one of the 100 Golden Ticket Winners!
I must have done something great and good!

Food Escapade at Wicked Waffle

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A few weeks ago, we ended up at SM Manila because we had a few errands to do within the area.  We decided to eat there instead. I was surprised to see that there are good selections of restaurants in SM Manila!

Since I was with my mom and Lawrence, I chose Wicked Waffle because all of us haven't tried it yet. Plus, the interior caught our attention!

Who doesn't like breakfast?

New Beauty Clinic in the Block: Skin House!*

Last June, I got an invitation from Skin House to try their services.  I was given an option to try any of the following:

  • Laser Hair Removal using Gentlemax Pro
  • Venus Freeze (circumferential & cellulite reduction)
  • ITED Pixel Fractionated C02 (acne scars & stretch marks)
I got intrigued about Pixel Fractionated C02 and decided to try that because I have scars on my legs due to abnormal reaction to steroids.

One Saturday, I visited their clinic in Pioneer Center to meet with their Dermatologist.

Even from the outside, you'd know this clinic is very clean!

Food Escapade at PF Chang's

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P.F. Chang is one of those restaurants I'll always remember because that's where I saw Mini Me (Mike Myers') about 20 years ago at their Beverly Center branch.

I've been waiting for them to branch out here in the Philippines and when they finally opened their first branch here in Manila, it was all the way from Alabang!  But it was too far from me until I totally forgot that they have a branch here.

Then one weekend, while we were killing time at Shangri-la Mall, we passed by PF Chang's! I couldn't believe it! I had no idea they opened their second branch already.  It was a no brainer so we had dinner here instead.

I asked the waiters and found out that they only opened that week.

What's good in P.F. Chang's?

Look Beauty Lip Smoothie

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My lips are pretty moody.  Sometimes it's very chappy.  Other times, it's very hydrated.  This is why I always have lip balm with me. I gotta admit though that I still forget to apply lip balm religiously.  I'm just lazy like that LOL.

I was really into exfoliating last year.  When I saw Look Beauty's Lip Smoothie and realised it's a lip scrub, I immediately bought to see how this scrub will work on my lips.

Look Beauty Lip Smoothie, PhP350

Food Escapade at Guevarra's

On the verge of scheduling posts, I checked my drafts to see why I have 31 pending posts. Yes, 31. I don't know, it just piles up and piles up. Can you say beauty blogger problems?

If you've been visiting this blog for a couple of months now or even years, you'd know it's second nature that I post about food as well. I can't exact;y call myself a food blogger as I can't concretely and concisely describe the taste of food but I do like to take photos of food an dine at a new restaurant on a regular basis. Usually on weekends.It's probably gluttony but hey, I do like to try new restos even the hole-in-the-wall ones.

We all know Chef Lau because he's Chef Lau. Although honestly, I only found out about him during the Master Chef show in Manila.

KrisTV featured one of Chef Lau's new restaurants (well, it was new last year) named Guevarra's. I don't remember why it's called Guevarra's. Hmm, maybe because it's near or along P. Guevarra? Beats me.

My mom reserved tables the same day she saw the resto on TV. She was surprised to find out that the restaurant was fully booked for the next two weeks. It's the kind of restaurant where you can't really walk in. You have to make reservations way, way ahead. So, my mom made a reservation just in time when my aunts from the US were here as they sure love Filipino food.

So, what's exactly in Guevarra's?