Pampering Time at Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center*

I received Takshing GCs from Sample Room last month.  It got me curious because it was the first time I've heard of Takshing and electrotherapy massage. Say what now?

I immediately searched on everyone's online best friend, Google.  Found Takshing's website and finally was able to get some clarity on electrotherapy massage.

What is electrotherapy massage exactly?
Basically, electrotherapy massage involves an actual electric current.  A conductor will be placed on your foot while the masseuse is the other conductor.  The masseuse will be the one to speed the electricity all over your body.  The current is kept to a minimum so the customer and masseuse won't be electrocuted.

The reception of Takshing Health Center

My bed for an hour. See the wire? Oh noes.

Well, it's definitely a different experience!  I wasn't able to take a photo when the wire was wrapped on my foot because I was too concerned on what was going on.  When the massage started, I didn't feel the current at first.  Then I just suddenly felt it.  The masseuse spread it all over the body.  The more current you feel on a certain body part, the most stressed or clogged the veins are.  The current helps in unclogging the veins.  I felt the current the most on my legs and feet.

I honestly felt relaxed after the massage and I'll come back again to Takshing when I feel that my body is so exhausted from work or whathaveyou.

Takshing has exciting promos! Refer a friend successful and you get PhP200 off on your next massage.  They also have packages if you want to have electrotherapy massage regularly.  Just like any health care and beauty centre, they have other services that you could try.  You can check their website at

** GCs were given by Sample Room as a compliment but I was not required to try the electrotherapy massage. I went to Takshing on my own on one weekend.

Follow me! Yes? No? Yey!


  1. Hello miss. I have a question. Do you think it`s safe? I`m skeptical about this. Further information about the processes and benefits will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

  2. I think it's safe. Takshing also swears by the process that it's safe.


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