Hair Shampoo and Conditioner from Snoe Beauty

I was on a Snoe Beauty product streak last year.  I've always been curious about the brand but I kind of wanted the rave to die down a bit before I try it.  Well, the rave didn't really waver.

After years of debating, I finally tried their hair products.  I think the salesladies in Cinderella and Landmark Makati were finally relieved that I finally bought the products.  I've been lurking on their stalls/kiosks for the longest time they already know me by first name. Ha!

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Amplify 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner, PhP599.00
Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Drunken Master Creme Wash, PhP599.99

Did I like it?
According to Snoe's website, Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Amplify 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-one product designed to counter temporary hair thinning caused by stress, fatigue, pregnancy, medication, or seasonal changes. AMPLIFY will help thinning, shedding, breaking and slow-growing hair. Hair is left instantly fuller and more lustrous. This cleansing conditioner replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, leave-on conditioner, and even shaving cream. For all hair types.

It's 5-in-1 with these capabilities: 
Cleansing Conditioner
After Shampoo Conditioning Rinse
Scalp Rub-on Over Night Treatment
Deep Treatment Crème
Leave-on Detangler

This hair product is also said to decrease thinning hair.  I have thin hair that's why I chose this conditioner among all others.

On  the other hand, Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Drunken Master Creme Wash "can clean, purify and quench your hair for volume, softness and shine. Give your thirsty hair a drink of this and remove mineral deposits, hard water and any styling product residues. It thoroughly removes product buildup, excess oils, chlorine and impurities, making hair treatment products work even better. The Drunken Master Crème Shampoo can nourish, hydrate and protect while cleansing, leaving the hair refreshed, shiny and healthy."

The saleslady told me that if I have rebonded hair, I could give this shampoo a try.  The ingredients are quite interesting, too.

Ingredients list:
Hops Extract: used for brewing great beer. It’s rich in vitamins and various amino acids that can help to re-grow hair and slow down hair loss, as well as get rid of problems such as dandruff, weak and brittle hair. 
Barley Extract: nourishes hair and also soothes and protects the scalp.
Apple Cider Vinegar: Acetic acid, the main ingredient, will remove buildup from styling products and conditioners and strengthen the hair shaft. It will also balance the hair's pH level, kill bacteria, plus add shine and bounce. 
Egg White Protein: helpful in improving the appearance of hair by imparting strength as well as luster.

Don't you find the ingredients interesting?

I started using these immediately as I as excited to see if it will do my hair any good.  For some odd reason that I can't clearly explain, I feel my hair cleaner when I started using these products.  My hair feels really soft, too.  I have a falling hair problem and that seemed to lessened, too!  I used the conditioner daily but my hair didn't look limp.  It looked healthier given that I have dyed hair.
BUT all these good reasons are defeated by one thing: I hate the smell of these products.  My hair smells burnt.  I thought it was just me but I made Lawrence smell my hair on different times, different days, different occasions and yet he said the same thing.  I got so conscious that I have to spray perfume on my hair after taking a shower. Some people find this too expensive for shampoo and conditioner. Well, that is also true. But I don't mind the price because I like how my hair looks when I use this.  I accidentally deleted the photos of my hair though.
When I reached the middle of the bottles, I stopped using them and moved on with a different brand of shampoo and conditioner.  However, I started to use them again last month as I wasted to get my money's worth.
I visited Snoe's kiosk a few months back and smelled all their shampoo and conditioners.  Sadly, they all have almost the same scent.  It's probably because of the organic ingredients.  Beats me.
I hope Snoe improves these products by adding a good scent.  If that happens, I'll probably repurchase!
Have you tried this product?  Let me know if we have the same thoughts!

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  1. Super fresh smells good though.

  2. I must have missed that one. I'll check it out :)


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