Food Escapade at Franco's

A couple of Saturdays ago, my parents and I had lunch at Franco's.  My dad wanted to eat elsewhere but it was full and he didn't want to wait.  Franco's wasn't full yet so I was able to convince my dad.

I wanted to try this restaurant for the longest time because it's by Myron's Place and I love Myron's!!

What does Franco's have in store for us?

This restaurant has a very homey/diner feeling. Check the interiors.

Here are our orders:
Frutti Di Mare - I expected a lot from this pasta.  I usually like Frutti Di Mare but this one was just too fishy for my liking.  It tasted more like sardines.

Bolognese - this was okay.  Nothing special.

Pasta with shrimps, anchovies and arugula - I forgot the name of this pizza but my, oh my! This one tastes to good! My dad finished it!

Soda for 'Tay.

What surprised me the most was the price range of this restaurant.  Your PhP300 can go far in this restaurant.  I thought Franco's would be on the pricier side because it's by Myron's.  Oh, we also ordered salad and it was less than PhP200!! Talk about value for money!

Despite the fact that I didn't enjoy my order, I'ms still willing to dine here again to try their other dishes.  Till next time!

Franco's is located on the Ground Floor of Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

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  1. Ohh!! I just had this yesterday! Their Mushroom Risotto is good too! :)

  2. Oh my, I must go back soon! I love risotto!!


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