Food Escapade at Backyard Coffee

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I saw a photo of a coffee yesterday on Instagram and there was a location that indicated "Backyard Coffee'.  I instantly clicked the name to see where it is located.  I was stoked to find out it's near my house so I decided to visit this new coffee place tonight.

I also tried to Google the coffee place but there was no posts about it yet aside from mentioning that it opened last June 19 only.  Can't find the actual post about it though.

The place wasn't hard to find.  Actually, you can't miss it because there are a lot of establishments on the first floor. You can park on the basement and walk up to the 2nd floor.  The elevator ain't working at the moment.

Ah, a new coffee place to chill at.
Tickles my fancy.

Let's see what's Backyard Coffee has in store for us, coffee lovers!

The counter is the very first thing you're going to see because it's across the door.  The photo below shows the desserts they currently offer.  I went during night time so I'm not sure if they offer more in the morning.

Colorful cups!

They use La Marzocco!

.. and Mazzer!

They have high stools in case you want to sit by the coffee bar

Choco Lava, PhP110.00

This choco lava is perfect if paired with a very strong coffee!  But it tastes just as good if you want to eat it as is!

Americano Coffee, PhP100.00

Are our eyes big enough? Or still Japanese and Chinese eyes?

Another shot.. no longer feeling depresso.

Choco Lava and Flat White (PhP150.00)

How cute is this cup? I'm sure this is for espresso shots.
I asked for white sugar and it was placed here, so cute!

So, this is why the high stool is extended! Clever!

A gist of the coffee menu.

They also brew tea and they offer food.  However, I'm not sure if the actual menu is already available.  I was just able to peek at their Instagram account and on the table near us.

We also ordered Ethiopia Single Origin which is PhP160.00 per cup.  Lawrence said it was good. I had the usual Flat White and so far, it's the best one I've tried if compared to other non-mainstream coffee shops.

Since it's near my place, I'll definitely be back here and hopefully I'll get to try their meals, too!

Backyard Coffee is located at 2nd Floor Metropointe Center, P. Guevarra Street, San Juan.  You can follow them on Instagram (@backyardcoffeeph) and Facebook (Backyard Coffee Philippines).

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