Celeteque Hair & Scalp Care Clarifying Shampoo

Another hair care post. On a roll, aye?  Just a coincidence, love.

A few months ago, while I was going around SM department store, I chanced upon this new product of Celeteque.  I didn't know they have a shampoo.  When I asked the saleslady, she said the shampoo arrived about a week ago.  The saleslady said it's ought to clean your hair the way most shampoos can't, so I decided to try this.  It does not have a conditioner to pair with so I was kinda worried about that.

Celeteque Clarifying Shampoo, PhP200.00

How did this shampoo fare?

I tried it the following day.  The first thing I did was smell it.  I wanted to have an idea how my hair would smell like.  It smells gentle it actually reminds me of a baby shampoo.  The instruction said to only use this once a week.  I think if you use it too much, your hair will become dry and maybe brittle. Also, you can't use a conditioner with this.  You just can't.

I was surprised upon first use! You see, I was expecting my hair to be tangled and difficult to comb as it is always the case when I don't use conditioner. But no, no, no.  My hair felt soft and silky.  I knew my hair was clean because it doesn't feel oily.  You know what feeling when you've put too much conditioner or mousse on your hair? That feeling.  I don't use hair spray on a daily basis but when I used this to rinse off my hair from tantamount hair spray, my hair felt fresh like I didn't use hair spray the day before.

I only use this once a week usually every Saturday. On weeks where I'm spend more time outdoors, I use this twice a week.  I won't even attempt to use this daily as I don't want to damage my hair even more.

For its price of PhP200.00, I'd say it's worth it.  After all, you're only going to use this once or twice a week.  One bottle could probably last you one year!  I've had this since February or March and I've only use up that much.  I definitely recommend this if you want to give your hair some TLC without spending so much.

I purchased mine at SM department store.  This is also available at the grocery and other department stores but it is sold at a higher price (around PhP213.00 if I remember correctly).

Have you tried this one yet? Let me know if the shampoo works for you!

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  1. Will this work for dandruff also?

  2. True. Super galing sya. I bought mine at Watsons. Goodbye frizzy hair na ko. I have curly hair kasi, before ang hirap talga i-comb so Ive tried this. It Works like magic.

  3. I didnt notice na it helps hair detangled hehe pero baka nga :)

  4. , now kasi sobrang andali na icomb ng hair ko unlike before., :D hehe


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