A Scent to Love: Clean Perfume

When I was younger, I used to have crushes on guys for the sole reason that they smell good. There's something about a scent of a person that draws me to them. This is not limited to living things only. I also have a bad habit smelling the food before tasting it. If I don't like the smell, I will not eat it. 

So, you see, I have a thing for things (living and non-living) that smell good. This also means that I like to smell good all of the time. Yes, all of the time.

I'm one of those people who practically can not live without perfume or cologne. I've kind of grown out a bit of this habit but there are still days when I feel that something is missing just because I forgot to spray on some scent on my skin or clothes.

I always get questions about the perfume I wear. Sometimes, I tell people. Often times, I don't. I half-kid that it's my secret weapon (it kinda is though). I don't know, it's just that I think disclosing the perfume I use is too personal and I will have to answer the question Why. Okay, a little trivia here: I've been using men's perfume for the longest time. It's only when I started working that I slowly shifted to women's perfumes. So, now I thought of sharing with you one of the scents that I've been wearing lately. Just because.

Clean's Fresh Laundry

Do I smell like Fresh Laundry?

Well, I wouldn't call it fresh laundry. But I definitely smell fresh and clean every time I wear this. It's almost a citrus scent that's not too strong but strong enough to be smelled by the next two people sitting beside you. I often get comments telling me that the perfume smells good and "smells clean." That is seriously the most common comment I get with this perfume. People get actually shocked when I tell them it's Clean. Most of them are not familiar with the perfume. On a side note, a lot of Hollywood celebrities use Clean. I'm just not sure exactly which scent as they have a lot. This is just what Sephora's and Rustans' SAs told me.

I've known about this brand since 2012 but never really took the time smell and appreciate its scent in full bloom. The first time I smelled it, I even told my mom that's it's too light for me. One year later, I find myself purchasing a bottle for me and Lawrence. I originally wanted Clean Skin but it was out of stock so I settled for the next scent that I liked. It takes me 4-5 sprays to get the strength of smell that I like. It's light so the smell is expected to fade. What I like though is the fact that this perfume doesn't completely fade on me. Even when I get home from work, I can still smell the scent on my clothes and hair.

Clean comes generally comes in two sizes: 60ml and 30ml. Some scents have 15ml. The 60ml bottles costs PhP4,000 here in Manila. You can purchase from their website at cleanperfume.com or locally at Rustan's Department Store.

Follow me! Yes? No? Yey!


  1. The Shower Fresh sample that came in the Glamourbox really smells good! I am interested to buy this too. :)

  2. I love Clean!:) I had the RAIN scent before. :) And it's so cool you use men's perfume! I never tried that. :) Nice though that you're slowly shifting or trying out women's. :) Have you tried Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden? :) It's nice too!

  3. Surprisingly, men's perfumes really smell good on me haha! Haven't tried Elizabeth Arden's perfumes. Will check it out next time :)

  4. I heard this has a nice scent raw! :D And yess... I agree with Ava! E.A.'s scents are nice too.. hihi.. I'm using her Sunflower perfume :)


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