Sample Room's Splash of Summer Event

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Last May 17, Sample Room had an intimate event at Pico de Loro with their Partner Bloggers and Bloggers Circle.

This was one of those event I just couldn't miss.  I thought I wouldn't be able to to hit the beach this summer so I was so glad when Sample Room came out with this plan!  It was also the first time I'm going out of town with bloggers.

We were pretty much right on track with the schedule, we had snacks when we got there,  Sophie had an opening remark and also talked about the sponsors of the event.  Here's what greeted me on the table:

A chance to win a GoPro camera! Yes, it's true!!

I wasn't expecting another loot bag from Sample Room.  After all, they almost provided whatever we needed for this event.  Swimwear from Soak. Slippers from Elements.  Sunblock and Towel from Belo Sun Expert.  So, I was really shocked to receive a big loot bag full of goodies!  Take a peek:

Some of the items are part of my lemming list!
Thank you Sample Room for crossing them out for me!

We had lunch then went to the beach.  Well, I wasn't able to swim in the beach because we were busy taking pictures!  The most used cameras were Donna's and Raych's!  I uploaded some of the photos on my Facebook.  Just click this if you want to see the album!

It was just a day trip but I got home around 11pm.  I was tired but super happy!  Saying I had fun was even an understatement.  But really, ang saya talga!  Thank you, Sample Room family!  I love you guys!

Will do a separate post on the goodies we received during the event.  Happy Wednesday, girls!

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