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Among the beauty bloggers that I know (and know of), I'm probably one of the last few who have joined the bandwagon of Real Techniques craze.  I've never heard/read of a bad review about Pixiwoo's brushes and although I've been itching to purchase the sets immediately, I had to control myself.

But knowing my low EQ when it comes to anything beauty related, I gave in after several months.  I'm not exactly sure if I bought one of the travel essentials brush sets first before this brush or vice versa.

After two days of using this brush, I told myself I have to have a back up brush!
The gold or orange handle is not just for aesthetic purposes.  Is it gold or orange? I can't tell for I am colour illiterate, LOL.  The colour of the handle means that this brush is for the face - the brush you use to apply base products.  You might find it strange that this brush is for cream and liquid foundation because the brush itself is not that big compared to most face brushes.  It's even slimmer than the usual flat top brush - and almost every beauty junkie has a flat top brush!  The shape of the brush is somewhat oblong yet slightly tapered.  When I opened it, my initial though was that my base application will take longer than usual with this brush.

Again, I was wrong.

Unlike most face brushes, the Expert Face brush is very dense.  It's a wonder how the bristles are so soft even when brushed on your face because of its density.  It's densely packed but you can actually apply your foundation in one go with this brush.  Amazeballs as they say.

This brush exceeded my expectations because it rely does give me a flawless look in one application.  Also, because of the shape of the brush, you are not limited to use this as a foundation brush only.  I sometimes use this to contour my cheekbones.  I've also tried this as a blush brush and it works just fine.  I used this as a blush brush for my blushers that are not that pigmented.

The only thing I don't like about this brush is that it's harder to clean.  Since the brushes are dense and closely packed together, it's hard to clean between the bristles.  I have to clean it at least three times in a row to make sure it's really clean.  Take note though that I'm a heavy liquid foundation user and I have a bad habit of not cleaning my brushes for a week.  Eeek.

Real Techniques is unfortunately not widely available in Manila.  You can purchase this online.  I got mine from Kalm Cosmetics for PhP580 only.

Have you tried any Real Techniques brush?  I have two of their travel essentials brush sets and the special set but haven't finished testing them.  Let me know how you like Real Techniques!

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  1. Wow.. this looks super soft :) And not bad ah since affordable lang rin siya :) Will try this out :)

  2. i have this brush and i love it. I always reach out to it whenever i'll be using my liquid/cream foundation! :)


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