Food Escapade at Boqueria Restaurante + Chocolateria

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One of those days where my credit card took a beating.. again!  Of course, I couldn't let the day end without having a sumptuous dinner!  I went to Megamall for reasons I no longer remember but it either involved makeup or Uniqlo, LOL.  It was already 8p when I checked the time and although I wasn't that hungry yet, I had to eat dinner.

Ended up at Boqueria as it was the only restaurant left at the Fashion Hall that I haven't dined in yet.

That mason jar used as a glass.  Always hits the spot.

I had a hard time ordering because the choices sound all so yummy!  One thing I immediately noticed though was the price.  Yes, it's a bit pricey for me.

Gambas, PhP348.00

Salpicao, PhP328.00

Queso Paella, PhP398.00

I thought the portions of the food were big so I was surprised to see the Gambas and Salpicao.  When I asked the waiter, he said that the food was good for 2.  The paella was great, though!  Good for two persons assuming none of you are very hungry!  The Salpicao was okay, some cuts were a bit gummy.  I liked the Gambas but I was sad that it was only 5 pieces.  Their iced tea varies from PhP68-88 depending on what flavour you order.

As for the taste, I can't say that there's something extra ordinary but all my orders tasted good. 

One of their bestsellers is their churros because the theme of this restaurant is Hispanic.  Of course, there's gotta churros!  I forgot to order though so I'm definitely coming back to this restaurant to try it!

The restaurant is quite small butI like the ambiance.  It gives me a foreign vibe although it must be the Spanish music!  Lawrence was surprised when he found out I know the songs that were playing!

Have you been to Boqueria?  Let me know what your experience!

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