Sample Room's Splash of Summer Event

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Last May 17, Sample Room had an intimate event at Pico de Loro with their Partner Bloggers and Bloggers Circle.

This was one of those event I just couldn't miss.  I thought I wouldn't be able to to hit the beach this summer so I was so glad when Sample Room came out with this plan!  It was also the first time I'm going out of town with bloggers.

We were pretty much right on track with the schedule, we had snacks when we got there,  Sophie had an opening remark and also talked about the sponsors of the event.  Here's what greeted me on the table:

A chance to win a GoPro camera! Yes, it's true!!

I wasn't expecting another loot bag from Sample Room.  After all, they almost provided whatever we needed for this event.  Swimwear from Soak. Slippers from Elements.  Sunblock and Towel from Belo Sun Expert.  So, I was really shocked to receive a big loot bag full of goodies!  Take a peek:

Some of the items are part of my lemming list!
Thank you Sample Room for crossing them out for me!

We had lunch then went to the beach.  Well, I wasn't able to swim in the beach because we were busy taking pictures!  The most used cameras were Donna's and Raych's!  I uploaded some of the photos on my Facebook.  Just click this if you want to see the album!

It was just a day trip but I got home around 11pm.  I was tired but super happy!  Saying I had fun was even an understatement.  But really, ang saya talga!  Thank you, Sample Room family!  I love you guys!

Will do a separate post on the goodies we received during the event.  Happy Wednesday, girls!

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Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

Face Off Fridays

If I were to check how many liquid foundations I have on my vanity, it's probably more than 10.  Definitely more than 10.  Obviously, I don't need another one.  But while I was looking around Beauty Bar one day, I saw Koh Gen Do's Aqua Foundation on sale with 45% discount.  Major steal!

The discounted price might have been a give away not to say no to this foundation.  What made me buy this product though is the fact that it's water based.  I just love water based foundations.

Food Escapade at Boqueria Restaurante + Chocolateria

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One of those days where my credit card took a beating.. again!  Of course, I couldn't let the day end without having a sumptuous dinner!  I went to Megamall for reasons I no longer remember but it either involved makeup or Uniqlo, LOL.  It was already 8p when I checked the time and although I wasn't that hungry yet, I had to eat dinner.

Ended up at Boqueria as it was the only restaurant left at the Fashion Hall that I haven't dined in yet.

That mason jar used as a glass.  Always hits the spot.

Unboxing BDJ's May 2014 Box: Summer Radiance*

Every month I look forward to BDJ's subscription box.  I'm just excited to see what's in store for us, Bellas, every month!

This month's theme is all about Summer Radiance! The products included in the box will help us maintain that summer glow even when Junes comes and it starts to rain again! Boo.

1. Dermal Sheet Mask (PhP140) - restore your tired, dull skin to a healthy glow with this moisturising and revitalising collagen facial mask. It contains nutritional active ingredients that nourishes your skin and brings back its natural radiance. Choose from 36 different variants to address your various skin concerns - you're sure to find one to love!

I have already tried these Dermal masks a few months ago and I love it!  I was given 7 masks and I only used it once a week because I want to savour them masks, LOL!  The ones I got from my BDJ Box is Syn-ake and Bee Venom.  It's just perfect because these are my favourites masks from Dermal!  I love how soft and smooth my face feels when I take off the mask.

2. Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack (100ml, PhP689) - a skin renewal sleeping pack that moisturises, exfoliates, and shields skin from our dry environment. It soothes the skin while removing dead skin cells to reveal a smoother surface. Use it once to twice a week and let the pumpkin extract and hyaluronic acid work wonders on your parched skin, so you wake up glowing!

This is another product that I'm excited to try.  I'm glad that I got a full size of this sleeping pack because even though I want to try all the products of TCFS, I find it expensive.

3. Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion (100ml, PhP120) - it not only provides sun protection as it moisturises your skin but also helps even out skin discolouration caused by aging, scarring, and pregnancy. It contains Glabridin, a skin whitening ingredient from liquorice extract that is both effective and gentle to the skin.

I've tried this whitening lotion back in October when I received 5 products of their skin care line.  The whitening lotion evened out my skin (arms part).  Such a good product at a very reasonable price.

4. Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel (11.7ml, PhP325 each) - color your nails without having to worry about chipping in the midst of your summer getaway!  Colorstay Longwear technology deals nails for up to 11 days of lasting color. It has a gel-like finish that keeps the shine longer. Try out 30 gorgeous shades and create the nail look that's perfect for you.

I love Revlon nail polishes!  I'm happy to say that most of my Revlon nail polishes are from BDJ, too!  I received a pastel yellow nail polish! I never knew that shade of nail polish existed!

5. Organix Hair Care Set - Organix offers all natural shampoos and conditioners for different hair types. For dry and dull hair, Moroccan Argan oil restores shine and softness. For thin and limp hair, biotin and collagen infuses and fortifies. For weak hair, keratin oil strengthens and nourishes. Finish your look with a penetrating oil that fights frizz and strengthens your hair.

Been wanting to try this for the longest time but I didn't want to buy the full sized bottle because I wasn't sure if it would really work on me.  So, I'm one happy camper it's included in the BDJ Box!

And of course, ginormous GCs and discounts!

Thank you so much, BDJ Box for another exciting box!  For those who would like to subscribe to BDJ, just head on to their website by clicking the link, create an account and order your monthly subscription box!

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Tools of the Trade Tuesdays

Among the beauty bloggers that I know (and know of), I'm probably one of the last few who have joined the bandwagon of Real Techniques craze.  I've never heard/read of a bad review about Pixiwoo's brushes and although I've been itching to purchase the sets immediately, I had to control myself.

But knowing my low EQ when it comes to anything beauty related, I gave in after several months.  I'm not exactly sure if I bought one of the travel essentials brush sets first before this brush or vice versa.

After two days of using this brush, I told myself I have to have a back up brush!

Beauty Budget Series: San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation and Pressed Powder

I used to get a lot of questions from people if I use makeup brands from the Philippines.  The answer is yes and I don't know why it doesn't seem to be convincing every time I answer the question.

Using imported brands of makeup is now a preference because I've had my fair share of hits and misses when I was building my makeup collection.  More than half of my makeup case consisted of local brands.  I just never got to blog about those products because they were all misses.

Moving on, I came back to my senses and decided to give local brands another shot.  After all, I'm currently settled here in Manila.

A lot of bloggers have raved about San San and how it's a good brand despite being a local brand.  It took me years to try this brand because I didn't know where to buy the products and I just wasn't sold enough to try the brand.

But one afternoon changed it all when I had all the time in the world at a random mall and there was an HBC Store where San San products are available.

When I got inside the store, I immediately went all the way to the back to check on their makeup selection.  Truth be told, it's pretty impressive as it seems to have everything.  San San even has an age defying line of makeup.

First thing I picked up was the matte foundation because I've read several reviews about this and 9 out 10 reviews were positive.  I suppose it's gotta be that good, right?

So, it it really?

Maybelline's 24hr Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

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Eye Got You Thursdays

This is a dated post.  It's been in my Drafts folder since 2012.

I love eyeliner.  It's a makeup product that I can't live without.

I started with eyeliner pencils although my love affair with it didn't last long because it gives me a racoon eyes.  Never fails.  When I discovered MAC Fluidline, I told myself I'm never going back to pencils to solely line my eyes.

When I saw this gel eyeliner at a Maybelline counter, I didn't hesitate on buying it for a lot of reasons:

  1. I need a backup for my MAC Fluidline.
  2. For the price of PhP349(?), why wouldn't I buy it?
  3. It was on sale! 20% discount! Score!

Okay, I bought it for three reasons that ain't legit enough to purchase it.  But I bought it anyway, haha!

Does it live up to its claim of staying for 24 hours on the lids?

Artist Studio Makeup Brushes

Tools of the Trade Tuesdays

It's been awhile since I've reviewed makeup brushes.  For me, it's one of those tools that is hard to review right away because the moment you use it, you just can't stop using it.  Oh, and the chore of having to clean them brushes.  Let's not even go there.  You get the idea.

One random night that I was killing time, I was going around the beauty section of Landmark to check if there are new products, etc.  I checked their tools section and saw these brushes!  I'm always on the look out for a blending brush as it is very essential for my eye makeup.  It's great to always have back up for those.

When I saw the blending brush, I grabbed it and ending up grabbing two more brushes.

Why?  Find out after the jump!

Bobbi Brown's Lipstick in Pink Kiss

It's All About Lips Monday

Finally, a post about lipstick on a Monday.  I know I said I was going to have a specific post on specific products on a certain day.  But I can't seem to follow it due to other posts that need to be published pronto.  I'm still pacing. Thanks for bearing with me.


If there is one popular makeup brand that I am not really familiar with, it would have to be Bobbi Brown.  I'm not sure what caused the delay as to why I'm such a late bloomer on this brand.  I've tried a couple of its products before and I loved it.  I just never got to the point of checking their counter frequently to buy this and that.

All of that changed though when I found out about their Uber Pink Collection.  Sure, I'm not a fan of Pink but when I saw the collection at Rustan's Makati, I was sold.  Their Pinks are very wearable!  I wanted to get the blusher and nail polish but I had to control myself.  I was actually thankful when the SA told me that everything was out of stock. At least, my wallet was happy.

I had a dream about the Pink Kiss lipstick though that same night.

I knew I had to have it.
Pink Kiss lipstick from the Uber Pink Collection

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup

Okay, the name of this product is a mouthful!

Maybelline has a line of makeup that focuses on anti-aging which is called Instant Age Rewind.  I've seen several YouTubers using this and rave about this so I decided to get one for myself.  The most common talked about product about this line is the concealer.  I wanted to try the concealer but I needed a foundation more than the concealer which is why I decided to get the foundation instead.

Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Face Makeup in
200 Creamy Natural