Glimpse of (My) Life in Photos - Birthday Week

I am very much aware that I have been MIA in the blogosphere and no matter how much I try to post regularly, something else beats me into posting entries.

I'd just like you to know that I do receive your emails and I do reply within 48 hours.  Thank you to those that send e-mails and private messages on Facebook asking me when I will be posting a new review or when I will be blogging regularly again.  I'm still buying makeup and attend a few beauty blogger events so I'm still updated in that way.  Ergo, I have a ginormous backlogs for this beauty blog.  No promises when I will start posting regularly.  But I will ry my best.

Anyhow, it was my birthday last week.  Thank you to all those that greeted me.  It was much appreciated!  My birthday was pretty quiet this year but it was definitely fun nonetheless.  I was people that I wanted to spend my day with and that matters the most to me.

Few goodies that made me smile when I woke up and went down to our dining.  A package from The Primp Pad!  I now have That's Heart Palette!  It's so pretty I can't dare swatch it!

My Ray-ban flashlens.  I've had this for a while but I think I only started using it on my birthday.  I was actually preparing it for my new baby (not a person).  And now that I have a new baby, it's about time I put them flashlens to good use.  Oh yeh, on my lips is Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Pink Velvet.

Took a snapshot of myself because I started testing out a new foundation.  It's one of those foundations that I've had for awhile but never really got to use because I forgot I have it. SMH to the max.  Can you guess what foundation this is? Hint: it's water based.

And of course, the latest loot from my Sample Room family!  I received this before my birthday but I was only able to open it on my birthday because I didn't see it right away. Haha!  Love this package to bits and I can't wait to use them when I hit the beach!  On the side note, I kept my current sunblock and switched to these Belo products!

The other photos are in my mom's phone.  Well, just want to let you all know that I'm still here.  Till my next beauty post!


  1. Sorry I missed greeting you on your birthday! I saw your profile and it was days over! Lol. WTH, Belated! ^_^

    Anyway, your new layout is pretty :D


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