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And we know how scorching hot it is during summer in Manila.  We're talking about an average of 80 degrees fahrenheit!  Not only that, what I notice here in Manila is that a lot of people are scared of getting their skin sun burnt.

So, fret not for Belo Essentials Sun Expert is here!  These products are not your usual sunblock.  Contrary to popular belief, unblock must be used all year long.  Our skin still needs protection from the sun even if it ain't summer.  Sunblock can also minimise ageing.  What makes Belo Essentials different is that it's not sticky like most sunblock lotion.  It has a nice gentle scent, too.

You can actually try these products by getting them for free at Sample Room! Yes, you get a full sized product for free!

Let me know how you like it! Stay young in the sun!


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