Goody Quikstyle Brush

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My daily problem is that I have no time to blow dry/fan dry my hair.  I'm almost always in a hurry going to work every morning that I go to work with my hair still wet.  Sometimes, my blouse even gets wet patches haha!

I've been seeing on Instagram this odd brush from Goody.  It claims to make your hair 30% less wet when you use this to brush your hair after shower.

After a few months of contemplating, I finally gave in and purchased one for myself.

I don't have then-and-now photos of my hair when I started using this to brush my hair.  My hair is so flat and straight that it hardly makes a difference in photos.  But in person, I can feel the difference every time I use this to brush my wet hair.

I only use this after I shower.  I never use this when my hair is dry because it won't serve its purpose. This brush is hefty though with a price tag of PhP800.  If you buy this at leading department stores though, this retails for PhP1,299.75.  So, you might just want to buy this online!  I got mine from Sassyfabshop.

Have you tried this brush? Let me know!


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