Benefit's The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine

It's officially summer here in Manila!  Now is the perfect time to put all those powders into good use!  It's going to be extremely hot for the next few months and the very last thing that we want to happen to our makeup is melt and look shiny.  Eeww.

When I found out that Benefit will be releasing Agent Zero Shine in Manila, I searched for the exact date when they would be releasing it as I wanted to try it so bad.  It was released last February 1 but they put it up on sale for a day on the last week of January.

So, what's this Agent Zero Shine anyway?  It's basically a mattifying powder.  I'm a sucker for a matte look (except for eyeshadows) and having more than 1 mattifying powder makes perfect sense to me.  I just really need it in my life.

It comes with a retractable brush that is at the bottom of the container.  You just have to twist the bottom and tada, an instant brush!  I find it clever that they included a brush but then again that would have to mean lesser product inside.

Here's a photo of me wearing Benefit's The Porefessional as primer and Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation.

Now, here's a photo of me when I set the foundation with Benefit's Agent Zero Shine.  I seriously love how my face looks so matte but still looking healthy and not dry.

My face stays on matte for about 3-4 hours, sadly.  On the 4th hour, I can see my T-zone turning a bit oily already.  Also, there are certain days when I can see some powder particles forming on the sides of my nose.  I don't understand why it piles up on the side though.

The powder is beige in nature but turns translucent once applied on the face.  So, you have to make sure that you are wearing the exact match of foundation as your skin cos this mattifying powder won't darken or lighten your foundation.  You can also use this alone when you're in a hurry but it's better to bring it with you so you can re-touch in the afternoon!

I got this for PhP1,600 at Rustan's Shangri-la and I use it once a week only.  It's pretty expensive for a mattifying powder so I don't use this daily.  I'll finish my other mattifying powders first before I use this on a daily basis.

I recommend this to die-hard fans of Benefit Cosmetics and to those who don't mind shelling out PhP1,600 for a powder.  For those who are on a budget, you can skip this product for now.

Have you tried this powder? Let me know your thoughts!


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  1. You are beautiful!

  2. Ahhh i really wanna buy this product but it's too pricey :(
    Well is it really last 3-4 hours??
    My face is combination kind of skin ,it sometimes become oily in my t-zone too ,and that's annoying
    Really great reviw ,thanks for reviewing ^^
    Gig love

  3. It only lasts for about 4 hours on me and I have combination skin, too! I've tried this with other liquid foundations and my face still starts to oil up on the 4th hour. So, it's a bit disappointing considering it's really expensive for a powder.

  4. Too bad ,i think all benefits products are good ,maybe i'll buy the blue on for cover the pore ^^

  5. I've always wanted to try this one kaso it's really pricey for me plus considering its price the staying power it think is not that good. Would have been a lot better kung longer ang staying power. )

  6. Awwee. Its so pricey. I like maybellines pore reducing cream. Its affordable but doesn't give a matte finish tho its okay for daily consumption since mura lang :)

  7. Maybe you can ask for a sample from Benefit muna :)

  8. This one from Benefit is a mattifying powder naman :)

  9. Hi Gem,

    I nominated you on my Sunshine Blog award.

    Looking forward to your answers! :)


  10. have seen this in sephora! but im not really into expensive stuffs or may I see that I am not a beautyjunkee hehe Normal poweder work well for me. love the review though x0~


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