My Skin is Feeling Happy With Happy Skin's SS Creme

First, there was BB Cream.
Then, there was CC Cream.
DD Cream is also making its way to the mainstream market.

Now, there's SS Cream.  Say what now?  Yes, you read that right. SS Cream.

Last quarter of the year, a new brand of makeup was released in the Philippines called Happy Skin.  When I heard about it, I was curious enough on what they have to offer.  They have foundations, powder foundation, blush, concealer, jumbo lipstick pencils, you get the idea.  What really caught my attention though was their SS creme.

I can't stress enough how BB cream has become a staple in my vanity.  I have several backups.  I have also tried CC cream but I'm partial to the aforementioned more.  So, when I saw SS creme, I knew I had to try it.

Happy Skin SS Creme

Click read more to find out if it really does work like second skin!
SS stands for second skin.  I find that very clever, actually. Just when you thought that DD cream will be the end of those two letter face products, here comes another one!  Basically what makes SS creme different from BB and CC creams is that it's actually a foundation.  The coverage is more like a foundation instead of tinted moisturisers and other face primers.  Another thing that sets this apart is that it does not contain silicone!  So, if you break out from silicone, then girl you better try this foundation!

It comes in two shades only though and I forgot what the other one is.  I got the darker one which is natural beige.  It only comes in one size and it comes with a nozzle instead of a pump!  I actually like it when products has a nozzle cos it's easier to clean and it's more hygienic.

SS creme at the back of my palm.
Take a good look at my freckles.

SS creme blended at the back of my palm.
Now, do you see my freckles?  It works like magic.

Here's a photo of me wearing SS creme. 1 layer.
Underneath it is Clinique's DDML (moisturiser, in short)

You can't deny it, my face looks really flawless! Yes, my eyebags are still very much visible but nonetheless the facial skin looks flawless!  Even I was surprised with the outcome.  I wasn't expecting it to be this great because I thought it would be very sheer. Boy, was I wrong!

I set the foundation with either Ben Nye Luxury Powder or 4u2's BB Powder.  It really depends on my mood but both setting powders work fine with the foundation.

This foundation stays on me for about 8hours.  But on the 6th hours, it starts to fade a bit.  I could tell because in the afternoon some of my broken capillaries start to show up (when they are immensely red).

I used this for one month straight and now I use this on special occasion only because this is a bit expensive compared to other foundations I have tried.  This retails for PhP1,199.00 for a 30mL cream foundation.  It is hefty.  But then again, it really does give a flawless look on your face so it's okay haha!

Happy Skin is available at all Beauty Bar stores nationwide and select Plain & Print outlets.


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