Food Escapade at Saboten

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Never a week goes by that I don't eat Tonkatsu.  My appetite doubled starting this year and I always crave for Tonkatsu.  I really don't know why.

One weekend, I was in Serendra to buy cheesecake at Conti's.  I saw Saboten.  I've heard of this restaurant before but never really knew where exactly it was located in BGC.  So, you know what's next already.. I decided to have dinner at Saboten!

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We waited for at least 30 minutes to be seated.  When we finally got a table and ordered out food, we were given wet wipes and chopsticks.



appetizer and hot tea

the famous sesame seeds with its grinder

Refillable Iced Tea. Yes, please!

bad angle but I was a bit impressed with their interior

one set of Rosu Katsu
with steamed rice and miso soup

One set of Tiger Prawns

The menu is very similar to Yabu.  The taste of their tonkatsu is quite the same although Saboten is a tad tender than Yabu.  Their tiger prawn was okay but it didn't feel like prawn when I bit it.  It felt like shredded bits of prawns.  They have a different way of serving, too.  They serve the cabbage and the appetiser first.  Then, they serve the main meal.  Rice and miso soup are refillable which is a good thing!  I love their miso soup!  On our next table was a Japanese family which for me, is a good thing because it means the food is really good!

What I don't like though is their serving time.  The waiters kept forgetting that I asked for a refill.  It's like they lack workforce.  There are no waiters going around with a rice and/or cabbage.  So, if you want a refill, it's like you're ordering and wait for xx amount of time.

Saboten is located at Serendra (where Mamou used to be).


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