Food Escapade at Saboten

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Never a week goes by that I don't eat Tonkatsu.  My appetite doubled starting this year and I always crave for Tonkatsu.  I really don't know why.

One weekend, I was in Serendra to buy cheesecake at Conti's.  I saw Saboten.  I've heard of this restaurant before but never really knew where exactly it was located in BGC.  So, you know what's next already.. I decided to have dinner at Saboten!

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My Skin is Feeling Happy With Happy Skin's SS Creme

First, there was BB Cream.
Then, there was CC Cream.
DD Cream is also making its way to the mainstream market.

Now, there's SS Cream.  Say what now?  Yes, you read that right. SS Cream.

Last quarter of the year, a new brand of makeup was released in the Philippines called Happy Skin.  When I heard about it, I was curious enough on what they have to offer.  They have foundations, powder foundation, blush, concealer, jumbo lipstick pencils, you get the idea.  What really caught my attention though was their SS creme.

I can't stress enough how BB cream has become a staple in my vanity.  I have several backups.  I have also tried CC cream but I'm partial to the aforementioned more.  So, when I saw SS creme, I knew I had to try it.

Happy Skin SS Creme

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Yet Another Impulsive Haul (Le Bunny Bleu, Nike, Stradivarius)

I was practically out the whole day. I was in the mall for more than 12 hours!  So much so for a girl, huh? Not.

Seriously, I had no plans of buying anything.  No plans.  But I left the mall with these paper bags in tow.

More or less PhP15,000 poorer but more than happy.  As always.  Yes, we are all superficial at times. Click read more to see the haul!

Unboxing: Change It Up with BDJ (January-February 2014) Box*

I've been waiting for the latest BDJ Box.  I wasn't aware that it's going to be a combined box for January and February!  For some reason I thought it was already released and I just wasn't sent one.  That was why I got excited when I saw an email notification that I would be receiving the Jan-Feb BDJ Box!

The theme of Jan-Feb Box is Change It Up!  It's a new year and it's the perfect time for a makeover without spending too much!

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