New Year GIVEAWAY: Jumpstart Your 2014!*

Happy 2014, everyone!  I hope you guys had a blast partying and spending time with your loved ones!

Every time New Year is fast approaching, people start to contemplate on what their New Year's resolution will be.  I am one of those people who has a mental list of resolutions.  But what really excites me more than having a new list is having a new annual planner.  Yes, I still use a planner til this day.  I've been using one since middle school.

Planners have evolved over the years.  There's even an app for planners now (for those who'd prefer to have their planner on their phone).  But the app doesn't quite cut it for me.  I still want an actual notebook.  I'm just old school like that.  For years, I've been using the Belle De Jour planner.  I use about 2 planners - 1 for work; 1 for personal.  I find myself reaching for my BDJ planner more though. I guess it's the inspiring words and just the fact that it's colorful that makes me want to look at it over and over again.

If you are a close friend of mine, you'd know how forgetful I could be.  This is another reason why I need a planner in my life.  I just have to jot down my plans, events I have to go to, appointments etc. as there is a FAT chance I'd forget about it.  I even write down my Monthly Favorites because I tend to forget what those faves are!  True story.  Most of all, a planner helps me with time management.  I cannot stress how golden time is.

With that said, I am giving away 1 Belle De Jour planner to 1 person!  The mechanics are very simple!

1.  Comment on this post below and tell me how a planner helps you.
2.  Like Gem of Rare Vanity on Facebook.
3. If you have Twitter, follow @raregem and tweet "I want that BDJ planner, @raregem! #rarevanitygiveaway"
4.  If you have Instagram, follow @raregem

This giveaway will end next Wednesday, 15 January 2014!  Winner will be announced on Facebook and Twitter!

Numbers 1 and 2 are non-negotiable.  It's that easy.  I know I'm a bit late for this giveaway.  I haven't gotten a decent time to blog.  But hey, I'll make up for it!


  1. nice planner. :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  2. Thank you for having this last minute giveaway! I was planning to buy this planner na kanina sa National Bookstore but I changed my mind the last minute. Kaya pala!

    I want to win this planner because a planner helps me track my daily expenses and time. Like you, medyo makakalimutin rin ako so kailangan nakasulat yung schedule ko. I also want the vouchers included in the BDJ Planner!

  3. A planner helps me to be organized in school to be able to submit projects on time :)

  4. A planner is really a big help in managing my schedule for the entire year especially this 2014 that I'll be much busier because I'll be applying for a new job (and hopefully, I'll be employed this month or the next).

  5. A planner definitely makes my life more organized and less messed up :D I am really forgetful hence I have to be reminded every now and then of the stuff that I have to do! I'm really a whole lotta mess without planning or organizing, definitely need this in my life! :) Never tried one from BDJ, hopefully i could this time :) Happy New Year Gem!

  6. Planner is a major thing i always have with me.. it was a big help para sakin =) i love writing notes on special days.. and it keeps me on track =)

    I wrote important notice on a planner like: Relative's Birthday.. Special Occasions and Big Days =)

    I do write about my monthly goals too (simple things like: this month i should have no late, no absences etc) tapos by the end of the month makikita mo kung nameet mo nga yung goals mo..

    Planner plays big role sakin, i keep track sa work scheds (training and report submossions) sa personal naman yung mga small things na natututunan ko.. at kahit sa mga personal needs ng baby ko like checkups and vaccine shots =) pati mga errands at mga things to buy (mostly necessities for me and my baby)

    Happy New Year Ms Gem.. may you continue to inspire your readers and more blessings to come =)

    I'll always be your avid reader and supporter
    hugs, rhain

  7. sherry ann gole cruzJanuary 8, 2014 at 9:39 AM

    A Planner is simplest way to organized everything,its your day to day calendar,an important thing to remind of birthdays,meeting,things to do,for me a planner makes my whole year organized and planned...

  8. as an online seller, a planner is a good tool to jot down my client's orders and infos. it helps me track down and list things that i need to do or accomplish.

  9. A planner helps me organize all the tasks I need to perform for the present and future days. And on many cases, it helps me get a sense of fulfillment since I get to keep track of all the things I have accomplished! =)

  10. In my BDJ planner, I will jot down different ideas that will stimulate my thinking, this will help me analyze thus deciding what I want to achieve in my life. And do it with all perseverance and angst, and as the vision of the BDJ, to do it in GREAT STYLE. Hence, making my life more successful and more satisfying I have ever imagined:) So really a BDJ is a must to achieve all my dreams and plans:)

    Happy New Year!

  11. Im the kind of person who needs to write down stuff or else I forget it. From simple day to day tasks, grocery lists and expense lists, a planner will help me track those daily :) And that BDJ planner is GORGEOUS! :)

  12. A planner helps me in different ways:

    G - Gets me organized, being able to help me organize my schedule, things to do, list of important dates and events.

    E - Entertains me. When i am bored i read quotes on my planner ( like BDJ planners have lots of them), dream and write my goals.

    M - Makes me a better person because I learn to balance work, fun and family life. I am more productive, less stressed and inspired!

  13. A planner is a big help to organize and reminds you about your past to future activities. I like using traditional planner than a gadget, nothing beats personal touch :)

  14. “Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” -Warren Buffett

    Planner has always been an essential part of "what's in my Bag?"
    I am young but with all those information I encounter everyday, I tend to forget some of it. Numbers, Dates, Addresses and Full Names are my weakness to memorize so there's a need for me to jot it down. I don't rely on technology when it comes to putting my own records because once it crashes, its gone forever. So I prefer that I have a safe back up, hence I need to have a planner. It's an all in one special notebook because it's where I take down notes during business meetings, it's where I jot down schedules, diary, blog posts ideas and other important information.
    The weird thing is, I keep my planners so whenever I feel sentimental and emotional, I go through them and re-read my entries. It's a better way to reminisce the past and plan for the future.

  15. I really wish to win this planner because this would be a convenient way that i can use for a new life i have ..being a newbie wife and mom there's a lot to be done and there are a lot to be jot down schedules of vaccines and check ups. for the upcoming 1st birthday / dedication of my son it would be a very great gift for myself this new year.. facing new challenges ...God Bless

    fb: jen tolentino briones
    twitter; @Jen91988
    instagram: jeneko_tecson

  16. Thank you for
    having this giveaway! :)

    A planner helps
    me organize my time wisely and I can use my time more. My life has also become
    more organized. It makes me happy when I see my planner and I’ve done the
    things that I wrote for that day. I tend to be very forgetful, but having a
    planner I can remember the important events. J

  17. having a planner helps me organize things/task i need to finish or do. it will remind me if ever i forget something. it's also a nice tool to organize my schedules so that i won't miss any appointments or events that i need to attend to.

  18. i need bdj planner to help me juggle my tasks at home, at work and in school in a sophisticated and classy way :)
    camille quiambao
    twitter: @cgquiambao
    facebook: camille quiambao

  19. I badly need a planner because I tend to become forgetful. This will also be a great tool for keeping me reminded about birthdays and important events.

    Cy Valencia
    Facebook: Cy valencia
    Twitter: @cyvalcy29
    IG: @allcutestuffs

  20. A full time mom like me needs a planner so I can look into my day to day schedule without hassle. It will also help me keep track of my daughter's school activities, hubby's work appointments, chores at home and the food I will serve my family. Being more focused and organized are my goals this year and winning this planner will be my stepping stone to a better 2014.

    FB: Iza Therese
    Twitter: @shengmarasigan
    instagram: @izatherese

  21. I am an organized person, I always make to do and appointment list. However, I did 't put all my plans in a planner. I just put it in a piece of paper and there are times I lost it and I have to make another listing.
    I love planning and listing things I need to do, I need to buy, my goals and a lot more. But, I haven't get the chance to put all these stuff in a planner. By having this planner, it will help me in a way that I'll be more inspired in planning things and be more organized.
    Been following you on you social accounts. :)


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