Food Escapade at Manna Korea Garden

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One weekend, I woke up craving for Samgyeupsal.  It's basically Korean Bacon, just a tad thicker, that you roll in a lettuce and dip it on chili paste.  It tastes good!  When I was in Korea, I had Samgyeupsal at least once a day (I was there for a week LOL).

My default go-to Korean restaurant was Bulgogi Brothers.  But that night, I didn't feel like eating there. I wanted to try a new Korean restaurant.  So, I relied on the the ever trusty Google and searched for Korean restaurants around Manila.  The city was a big factor as I didn't want to drive too far.  Luckily, there are Korean restaurants in Makati that a few people blogged about.

I checked where exactly it's located and drove there immediately.

So, yes, after googling for Korean restaurants, I decided to try Manna Korea Garden.

Change is Always Good!

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I know I haven't been active lately on the blogging scene.  The past few months have been really hectic and I treasure my mornings every weekend that I'd rather sleep in than take product shots or film a video.

I appreciate the messages I've been getting on Facebook telling me that they miss my entries.  I also appreciate that I still get questions about beauty every now and then.

Now, I came up with a strategy on how I can blog regularly (or at least try)!  I decided to have a specific topic on a particular day!

Monday will be about the lips!  I will probably call it It's All About Lips Monday.  I'm excited about this because I have a lot (and I mean a lot) of lip products to blog about!

Tuesday will be Tools of the Trade Tuesday.  I will be blogging about makeup brushes or other makeup tools that I use or that can be used for makeup.

Wednesday will be about palettes!  I haven't thought of the title for this yet.  Let me know if you have suggestions!  I will be talking about eye or lip palettes or a complete set palette - anything as long as it's a makeup palette!

Thursday will be Eye Got You.  It's about eyeshadows (single), mascara, liners, and anything about the eyes!

Friday will be either Face Off Friday or Foodie Friday (or both).  For Face Off Friday, I will be talking about foundation, face powders, concealers, blushers, or any other makeup product used on the face.  Foodie Friday is for my food escapade posts.  I decided to publish my food posts on a Friday so you guys can try it on the weekend.

For Saturday and Sunday, it can be about anything! =)

Although, I will still be posting about other topics on any given day.  Like unboxing posts, monthly favorites and the like.

So, here's to hoping that I'd get to blog regularly this time!  Let me know if I missed out on anything!





Virginia Olsen's Pure Organics Lips Creme in Dark Cherry and Bite My Lips*

Last month, Virginia Olsen informed me that they're releasing their lipstick line soon!  I was so excited about this because I instantly liked the shades that they posted on Instagram as teasers!

When I received my package, I opened it right away, took photos, and swatched the lipsticks!

Virginia Olsen Pure Organics Lips Creme, Php399.00 each

New Year GIVEAWAY: Jumpstart Your 2014!*

Happy 2014, everyone!  I hope you guys had a blast partying and spending time with your loved ones!

Every time New Year is fast approaching, people start to contemplate on what their New Year's resolution will be.  I am one of those people who has a mental list of resolutions.  But what really excites me more than having a new list is having a new annual planner.  Yes, I still use a planner til this day.  I've been using one since middle school.

Planners have evolved over the years.  There's even an app for planners now (for those who'd prefer to have their planner on their phone).  But the app doesn't quite cut it for me.  I still want an actual notebook.  I'm just old school like that.  For years, I've been using the Belle De Jour planner.  I use about 2 planners - 1 for work; 1 for personal.  I find myself reaching for my BDJ planner more though. I guess it's the inspiring words and just the fact that it's colorful that makes me want to look at it over and over again.

If you are a close friend of mine, you'd know how forgetful I could be.  This is another reason why I need a planner in my life.  I just have to jot down my plans, events I have to go to, appointments etc. as there is a FAT chance I'd forget about it.  I even write down my Monthly Favorites because I tend to forget what those faves are!  True story.  Most of all, a planner helps me with time management.  I cannot stress how golden time is.

With that said, I am giving away 1 Belle De Jour planner to 1 person!  The mechanics are very simple!

1.  Comment on this post below and tell me how a planner helps you.
2.  Like Gem of Rare Vanity on Facebook.
3. If you have Twitter, follow @raregem and tweet "I want that BDJ planner, @raregem! #rarevanitygiveaway"
4.  If you have Instagram, follow @raregem

This giveaway will end next Wednesday, 15 January 2014!  Winner will be announced on Facebook and Twitter!

Numbers 1 and 2 are non-negotiable.  It's that easy.  I know I'm a bit late for this giveaway.  I haven't gotten a decent time to blog.  But hey, I'll make up for it!