Glory of New York Skin Care - Skin Enzyme, Facial Cleansing, and Fairness & Glow Cream*

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Last October, I started using Glory of New York's Skincare Line.  It was given to me when I attended their event last September.

I've heard several great feedbacks from Glory of New York's skincare line but I never got the chance of trying it because I was still trying out different skincare products.  Also, I considered its price because I find it expensive (for a new brand, or at least to me).

Glory of New York Facial Cleansing - PhP1,210.00
Fairness & Glow Cream - PhP2,400.00
Skin Enzyme - PhP1,504.00

click read more to find out how effective this skin care is!

Ok, I no longer took photos of the products individually just because.  The first product to be used is the Skin Enzyme.  It's basically a peeling gel to get rid of dead skin on your face.  However, you must only use this 1-2 times a week and must be applied on a dry face.  Refer to the photos below to see it in action.

Here's how Skin Enzyme look upclose.
It's not as watery as it looks though.
It has an indescribable scent but it won't hurt your nostrils!

Here's the Skin Enzyme on my face.
Spread it all over your face and let it stay for a minute of two.

Gently rub your face in a circular motion and your face will start to peel.
See the particles around my face? Dead skin right there. Eewww.
The first time I tried this, I was able to rub a lot of dead skin.
The photo above was the taken on the last day of October (about 
one month of using the skin care).

After rubbing your face, wash off dead skin with warm water and GNY's Facial Cleansing.

4 pumps of GNY's Facial Cleansing.
It has a very gentle scent.

Just apply the facial cleansing all over your face and down to your neck if you want to.  Rub it in a circular motion then wash off with water.  You'd instantly feel that your face is very supple and smooth!  I swear!  I was so shocked and amazed when I touched my face after washing because it felt like baby skin.  I kid you not.

Last step for this skincare regimen is the Fairness & Glow Cream.  After washing your face with the Facial Cleansing, pat it dry with tissue then apply this cream.  It's yellow and actually reminds me of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  This, too, has a gentle scent that I can't really describe. LOL!  However, I use this mainly at night because I read from Bing that this is supposed to be used at night only because it dries as white or something?  I can't remember.  But I tried to use this in the morning, too, about once or twice.  I didn't see any major difference but I just decided to just use this at night.

So, this is how I put moisturizer on my face.
Then I spread it evenly in circular motion.

The photo below is a comparison of how my face was like the first time I used this skincare and a month after using it.  Both photos were taken in my room at 7:00 in the morning.  You will notice how my face turned lighter and fairer after using this skincare for a month.  My skin also felt smoother.  Of course, I still have blackheads and whiteheads if you look closely.  But this skincare lessened my breakout.

I really love this skincare line!  I was able to see the effects immediately.  I can't emphasize enough how this skincare made my skin feel so smooth!  I love touching my face right after I wash it because it's just oh-so-soft!  Forreal!  The Skin Enzyme is addicting, too!  It doesn't hurt my face despite of all the rubbing and the dead skin that was removed from my face!

I know I was hesitant to try this set because I find it expensive.  After using it for a month though, I can definitely say that I don't mind spending on this skincare line.  Never mind if the packaging looks flimsy.  I am not impressed with the packaging at all, to be honest.  But what's inside is more important!

So if you're reading this, please please please give his skincare a try!  You will love it to bits!  This is the best skincare line that I have this 2013!  'Nuff said.

Since it's the holiday season, you can buy this set for only PhP2,400 thru GNY or Queen B's Facebook pages!






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