Perks of Being a Sample Room VIP Member

"Try before you buy."
- Sample Room

One of the bests things that I experienced in Digital Marketing is coming across Sample Room.  One of their co-owners is Sophie who is also the brains behind Charm brushes (one of the makeup brushes that I truly love).  So, I was confident that Sample Room is something superb and well-thought of.

When I found out about Sample Room and its tag line, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Really? For free talaga?" So, when it was launched, the rest was history.  Sampling has never been this fun.

If you don't know what Sample Room is all about (which I doubt), it's a website that carries different beauty products from well-known brands (from local to imported) which you can have for FREE.  Some products are full-size while some are trial-size.  You just pay for the shipping fee to be delivered to your doorstep.  All you have to do is sign up and start choosing from the products available!

Earlier this year, Sample Room had a search for their Blogger Circle.  I tried my luck and was privileged to be chosen as one of the bloggers for their blogger circle.  This is such a fun experience because I get first dibs on some of the products they are about to launch.

About three weeks ago, I receive my ZA Cosmetics loot from Sample Room.  I actually had no idea what was in the package until I opened it.  Initially I thought it was makeup but when I found out that it was the Perfect Solutions Skincare line, I was estatic. First, I already have a new skincare line to be used for the month of December. Second, ZA Cosmetics reminds me of Hong Kong (a city I really love)!  I got the cleansing foam and the collagen cream.

When I searched for the Perfect Solutions Skincare line, I saw that it has a moisturizer and toner as well.  I checked the department store to see how much they cost as I was planning to get the other two products.  But my golly wow, the moisturizer costs PhP625 while the toner costs PhP595(?).  I didn't wanna spend PhP1,220.00 because I resigned my cash flow was tight.

When I got home, I checked Sample Room if the ZA moisturizer and toner are available.  Lo and behold, they were available!  Thing is, I need at least 450 points to be able to get a sample. I only had 104 points at that time and because I really wanted to get the moisturizer and toner, I didn't think twice on upgrading my account to a VIP Member.  For a minimal amount of PhP599, I will be given 1000 points.  Great deal, right?

Since I have funds on my Paypal account and I haven't used them ever, I decided to use it to pay for the VIP Membership.

I got myself the following:
ZA Perfect Solution Toner - 200 points
ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer - 250 points
Moringa Therapy Oil - 60 points
Moringa Moisturizing Lotion - 25 points
Vidal Sassoon Premium Care Series - 500 points

If you add the prices of those items, total would be PhP2,046.50!  My total savings for this loot is PhP1,447.50!  Such a steal, right?  Another thing that's grew is that once I review these products on Sample Room, I can get my points back and use those points to get new products to try!

I'm so happy with my loot because they are all full-sized products and I will be using them for a long time.  As for the Moringa products, those are actually my back up products because Sample Room sent me a separate Moringa loot and the lotion and oil were just awesome!

I highly recommend you try Sample Room because you can save a lot of money from this site and still be able to try the products that you've been eyeing.  In case you don't like the product that you tried, that's okay because you got the product for free anyway =)  I've recommended Sample Room to some people and I'm glad that they did sign up and are enjoying some of available products there as well!

As I've said, sampling has never been this fun (especially when you're getting full-sized products)!






  1. more products on your way ms gem =)

  2. Onga eh! I'm so happy to be part of Sample Room's blogger circle :)


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