BDJ's 3rd Elite Box Featuring Colour Collection*

Early this month, I received BDJ Box's biggest package (yet).  I actually had no idea that I would receive this Elite Box.  I've seen a preview of this before on Facebook (probably) and I was just in awe!  Ever since I tried Colour Collection's lipsticks and BB cream, I knew the makeup brand is a good brand!

this box is as big as a shoe box

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Food Escapade at Ginza Bairin

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Katsu has taken Manila by storm - is an understatement.  Katsu restaurants are everywhere.  I love Japanese cuisine but I gotta say that Katsu used to be my least favorite.

My Katsu craze started with Yabu.  I'd like to believe it's the one that changed the game (Katsu wise).  After that, Katsu restaurants started popping out out of nowhere.

Since there's still no Yabu in Makati, Lawrence and I decided to try Ginza Bairin in Glorietta.

Get Sassooned!

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Hi everyone! Please take time in joining this contest! As you all know, Vidal Sassoon is back here in the Philippines!

Sample Room has several available products of Vidal Sasson that you can get for FREE! Get more by joining their Instagram contest! It's just easy!

Unboxing the BDJ Box for October (2013) - EXPRESS IT Femme Fatale*

BDJ surprised me again yesterday when I saw a package on our dining table when I got home!  I honestly thought I would not be be sent a beauty box for October since I read from other blogs that the beauty boxes for October until December are already sold out.  But I'm glad that I received yet another BDJ Box!  Thank you BDJ Box for never forgetting me!

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Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream*

BB cream is one of the staple products that you can find in my vanity.  Now, I can't imagine my makeup stash without a BB cream.  Yes, I admit I have a love-and-hate relationship with BB creams because of its ability to give me a white cast.  But I still end up using them anyway and buying all sorts of variants because I like what BB cream does to my face when I just want a simple look AND when I feel to lazy to put on makeup - which is most of the time!

When I received the BDJ Box for September, the first thing that I was eager to use was Colour Collection's BB cream.  As a matter of fact, I used it the following day after receiving it.

Click read more to know my thoughts about this BB cream!

Food Escapade at Mitsuyado Sei-Men: The House of Tsukemen

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Last month, Lawrence and I decided to eat at Mitsuyado.  This restaurant is very near my office.  It's actually along Jupiter Street only but since I don't frequent Jupiter Street, Mitsuyado was non-existent to me until I saw it.

I only found out about this restaurant when my cousin told me to meet her there briefly.  When Lawrence and I went inside, we were immediately amazed with it.  It just has a nice feel to it!

Click read more to find out what I meant about 'nice feel'

Something BIG Has Arrived!

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Fast Track Your Diet with CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix!*

Let's admit it, when you reach 25, it's hard to lose weight.  Even if you lessen your food intake, you will still gain weight.

And even though you can enroll yourself to the gym or go on an intense diet, there are some that don't have the luxury to do that.  I, for one, don't have the luxury to do that.

It's weird cos I was an athlete back in college.  But now, I really hate exercising.  I don't have the time.  I don't want to make time for exercise and I don't want to spend PhP3,000 on a monthly gym fee.

So, I try to look for other ways to maintain my weight at a certain weight!  Good thing, there's CarbTrim!

Click read more to know how CarbTrim has helped me maintain my weight!

San San and Natasha Beauty Haul!

Another haul post for you guys!  This was a total random haul as I was just waiting for my boyfriend to arrive.  Things that happen when a lady is left alone roaming around!

Please watch the video to see the makeup products that I bought!  I'm giving local brand of makeups another chance hoping I'd find an HG product!  Also, I spoke Tagalog in this video!  It's my first Tagalog video, as requested!

Products mentioned:
San San Matte Liquid Foundation in #3 - PhP132.00
San San Pressed Powder in #4 - PhP97.00
San San Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black - PhP85.00
San San Single Eyeshadow in Yellow Topaz - PhP50.00
San San Single Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown - PhP50.00
Natasha Beauty Face Duo in Medium - PhP205.00