Snoe Beauty Rouge Deluxe Lipstick in Plum Crazy

Here's another review of a dark lipstick.  There's just something about dark lipsticks that I'm really digging right now.  Probably because it's already fall and the next thing you know, it's winter.

I went to Snoe Beauty's store at SM North EDSA and bought their bar soaps.  The sales lady showed me their lipsticks and told me to check it out as they have really nice shades that I might like.  They actually swatched a few of their best selling shades which were the lighter shades (light pink, nude, etc).  What caught my eye though was Plum Crazy because it looks really dark from the tube.

Snoe Beauty Rouge Deluxe Lipstick in Plum Crazy

two swipes of Plum Crazy at the back of my palm

Plum Crazy on my lips

I haven't been wearing full makeup in the office for several months now because I'm lazy.  Haha.  No excuses.  I only put full makeup when I go on client calls or when I feel like putting on full makeup but I still end up not doing so because I'm too busy arguing with myself whether or not I will put makeup, haha!  On a daily basis, I just apply foundation, concealer (for blemishes), setting powder and then shape my brows.  At certain times, I contour my face, too.  The photo above is how I usually look in the office sans the dark lipstick.

What I love about Plum Crazy is the fact that it gives life to my dull face.  Well that's what most dark lipsticks do, right?!  From the name itself, you'd know that the shade is in the color of purple and berry and something similar to that shade.  One thing that surprised me about this lipstick though is the fact that it's sheer.  It looks really dark on the tube!  I was expecting this to be a dupe for MAC Rebel.  Plum Crazy's formula reminds me of the Lustre lipsticks on MAC.  However, Plum Crazy is buildable so with 2-3 swipes, you will be able to achieve the dark vampy color that you like.

- available locally
- buildable color
- has a wide variety of shades to choose from
- not drying on the lips
- layout of the box is really intriguing and enticing
- no weird scent

- expensive for a local lipstick at PhP399 per tube
- cheap packaging
- the tube is shorter than most lipsticks
- can be easily used up since the shade is buildable, you need to swipe more than once to get your desired opaque shade
- short staying power (it fades when you eat and makes your lips look like you only outlined it using a dark shade)

For the price, I think this is really expensive since this is a local product.  But then again, all Snoe Beauty products are expensive.  I like the fact that it keeps my lips moisturized.  Although, I wish the staying power is longer than 3 hours.  I was expecting this to give me a just bitten look on my lips when I ate.  But what happened was that it looked like I only outlined my lips and the rest of my lips were just the normal color of my lips.  If I was using a different shade, perhaps light pink or nude, I think it would have been fine since it won't look weird.

The shade is lighter than MAC Rebel but I still like it.  I alternate this with Rebel, actually.  I'm not sure if I'm going to repurchase when I finish the tube.  If I do, I'll probably try another shade regardless if it's more expensive than other local brands.  This lipstick still fares better than other local brand lipsticks.

Have you tried Snoe Beauty's Rouge Deluxe Lipstick?  Any thoughts on this?
Happy Tuesday, everyone!






  1. I really love it when I see your fotd, you look so simple but it rocks my world. I never tried Snoe's lipstick, I agree that its a bit pricey.

    Loving it!♥

  2. I love this Ms Gem! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely try this kahit mahal. I really believe on your reviews. Nakita ko na rin po ito sa youtube nyo =P

  3. The other shades are pretty too! But I guess despite its being pricey, I prefer this over other local brand of lipsticks :)

  4. Thank you, Ana! Try this shade when you get the chance :)

  5. hi ms gem could you recommend a dupe for this? =)

  6. I'll look for a dupe for this shade. But Ever Bilena's matte lipstick in Dusk is similar. It's just redder :)

  7. yes I have to agree it's a bit pricey for a local lipstick. Love the shade though ^_^

    Random Beauty by Hollie

  8. I love the shade, too! But i also want to try their lighter shades next time :)

  9. Oooh I didn't expect this to be sheer too! I like dark-ish shades, especially when I don't have time to do my makeup. Hihi. I have the shade Vintage Rose, and I love it! It's my current go-to lipstick.

  10. Haha, we're the same then! Dark shades can really brighten faces :) The sales lady was offering me Vintage Rose and Mauvement (something like that) but I chose Plum Crazy :)

  11. I agree. It's quite expensive for a local lipstick but considering Snoe as a brand, maybe it's also reasonable. I haven't tried any of their products but hopefully if I have a chance, I want to try these lipsticks! Love the colors!!


  12. I have the shade Heavenly Pink! I love how cute and Barbie pink it is and thankfully I can wear it without looking like a clown. Haha.

  13. What a pretty color! I wonder if it's available in my country..

  14. Their lipsticks are not bad. I just really hope it's cheaper. Try their soaps. I love Awesome Poresome :)

  15. I think I saw that shade,too! It's pretty! :)

  16. The lipstick color looked stunning in contrast with the pink case! Totally caught my eyes. I'll keep an eye on this brand whe i travel to your country hehe. Found your blog via GIG :)

  17. Yeh, true. I think that's how it caught my eye, too! They ship internationally :)


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