Too Cool For School BB Foundation Lunch Box*

Last April, I was invited by Too Cool For School Philippines to attend the grand opening of their first branch in Manila at Mall of Asia.  This product is not that new to me as I've seen this when I went to South Korea last year.  I didn't buy anything from TCFS at that time though because I found it to be quite expensive compared to other Korean makeup brands.  In example: TCFS BB cream is sold for KRW32,000 while I got my Missha BB Cream for only KRW15,800.

I love Asian BB Creams (specifically Korean BB creams) so it was a no brainer to get one from TCFS.  I got this during the grand opening.

Too Cool For School BB Foundation Lunch Box #2, PhP989

It comes with a built-in spatula.

Their BB cream only comes in one shade.  It has two variants to choose from: matte (#1) and dewy (#2).  Mine is the dewy one.

Concealer and highlighter on top of the cover.

One cool thing about this BB cream is that it includes a concealer and highlighter.  This is the first BB cream that I've seen that includes 2 other products.  How convenient!

swatch of the BB cream

BB cream was blended on the lower part of the back of my palm.

swatch of the concealer and highlighter

swatches blended

The concealer is amazing! See how it perfectly blended on my skin.  It blends perfectly on my face, too, and can really conceal blemishes!  As for the highlighter, you can see the part where I swatched and blended it.  That part stands out because it is, well, highlighted.  What I like about it is that there are no glitters showing (which most highlighters have).

Here's my bare face.

Here's one layer of TCFS BB cream on my face.

Here's a photo of me with 1 layer of BB cream,
ELF blush&contour cream on my cheeks,
and a setting powder (I forgot what powder I used).

- thick consistency (one layer is enough)
- comes with a concealer and highlighter
- price is worth it
- comes with a spatula (you may not need your finger to apply it)
- good and light scent
- has SPF37++

- only comes in two shades
- no english translation
- because you have to uncap the container, there's a tendency to double dip
- has SPF37++ (avoid flash photography when using this)
- bulky packaging

I've been using this BB cream since April and I love it.  I can't say that this is my HG BB cream because the shade doesn't really match me.  Even if I use Ben Nye powder in Beige Suede, it's still light on my face.  However, I really like the consistency of this product.  It's thick unlike any other BB cream I have tried.  One layer can cover my face and can make my face look smooth.  I can cover up the dark spots on my face and some of my pinkish spots.  As for my other blemishes, well, I use the concealer that comes with this BB cream - and oh my gosh, can I just say that this concealer is love?  I can't remember being THIS impressed with a concealer at first swatch since trying MAC concealers!  It's a really great concealer!  I love it more than the BB cream itself, haha!  I don't always use a highlighter but I am really liking the highlighter, too.  It doesn't have glitters but can still effectively highlight your face.  It's nice to have and I'm glad it come with this BB cream.

What I don't like the most about this product though is the packaging.  Yes, it's unique because it doesn't come in a tube and doesn't have a nozzle.  But come on, a screw cap with a spatula? So, unhygienic.  It will also be difficult to finish the product completely as the spatula is not that long and the hole is not that big for face brushes.

The price may be a bit steep but if you think about it, you're buying 3 products for the price of 1.  So, it can't be that bad, right?  If you don't want to pay PhP900++ for this, you can buy the sampler size for PhP219.  It doesn't come with a concealer and highlighter, though.  In general, TCFS is pricier than other Korean makeup brands.  But I think you can see why.  Also, their packaging is different than most Asian makeup brands.  TCFS is like Benefit's Asian version.  Somewhat.

I actually don't mind repurchasing this once I've finished the product.  I'll probably try the matte one next time.  But then again, I'll finish my other BB creams first.

TCFS has stores located in SM Mall of Asia and SM North Edsa.






  1. Soooo cute packaging ♥
    It looks amazing on your skin .. Hope to get a sample first ^^.

    Loving it!♥

  2. cute packaging ms gem =)

  3. Hassle lang ilagay sa makeup bag kasi bulky :)

  4. The packaging looks a bit inconvenient with the small hole and spatula, but I like how it has a built-in concealer and highlighter. If ever I get to try this I would prefer the matte version. :)

    Maxinne ♥

  5. Yeh, I agree that the packaging is inconvenient. =( buuuuut the concealer is such a good product! I hope it's sold separately! =)

  6. waaahh kinda like how it's three product in one pact althou the shades really worry me. concealer look good thou!

    thank you for the review

  7. The shade is really light (which is the usual problem of BB creams). So I just set it with a dark setting powder. I love how this BB cream is thicker than other BB creams though. Feels like a full coverage! =)

  8. I love how they combine three product in one package!Oh love the design!

  9. It's ingenious! I just wish the packaging is more travel friendly =)

  10. full coverage? aaww tempting... will check them out!
    thank you

  11. Full coverage for me as I dont have a lot to cover up and it stays long on me :)


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