MAC Lipstick in Rebel

I love bold and dark lips.  Not only does it make you feel and look confident, it also easily brightens up your face.  No kidding!

After finding a deep red lipstick, I searched for a berry lipstick.  I sold my MAC Most Popular lipstick and I kinda missed it but there was no way to get a hold of it anymore because it's limited edition.  So, I searched online and at MAC's website..

I was sold that I have to get Rebel.

MAC satin lipstick in Rebel, USD17.00 (now priced at USD20.00)
from Duty Free

MAC Rebel is described as a deep fuchsia berry lipstick.  Looking at the photo above, the lipstick looks really dark.  When I bought it last year, I actually thought I wouldn't be able to use it often because it just looks really dark from the tube.

But, but, but..  it was love at first swatch!

MAC Rebel swatched at the back of my palm

This color is not for the fainthearted, obviously.  I honestly think, not everyone can pull off this shade.  Even I have hesitations at times before applying this lipstick because it will definitely attract attention.  I'm glad though that it's not as dark as it is from the tube.

Even though this lipstick is described as "deep" meaning dark, it's not that dark on my lips.  I guess my being acidic has some participation on that.  I also love the fact that Rebel looks berry on my lips as it can appear more red than berry on other lips.

MAC Rebel on my lips.
My pimple says hello.  Never fails, LOL!

What I like about dark lipsticks is their staying power.  They last longer on lips compared to the lighter shade of lipsticks.  MAC Rebel can last 7 hours on me and will start to fade on the 8th hour.  It lasts longer if I am not drinking that much, too (which I don't).  Another good thing about dark lipsticks is their ability to brighten up your face - to make it livelier.  On the photo, I don't really have makeup except for my brows.  Then I applied MAC Rebel after lunch.

A few tips though when applying MAC Rebel:
- use a lip brush to even out the color and for precision
- if you find it too dark, grab a tissue and blot, blot, blot!
- you may also apply a lipliner prior to lipstick application to make it last longer

Will I repurchase? Yes and no.  Yes, because I really love the color and it suits me.  I usually use this when I'm too lazy to put on makeup on my entire face.  I bet you can tell why.  No, I won't repurchase because I still have a lot of lipsticks.  MAC lipsticks are expensive and I don't use Rebel on a daily basis.  I tried another lipstick that was said to be a dupe for Rebel but it was far from being a dupe - and I mean FAAAAAAR.  I heard Wet n Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy is a dupe, too, but I am not sure if I wanna try Wet n' Wild cos their matte lipsticks are sometimes difficult to apply.

Any thoughts on this?  Happy Friday, everyone!






  1. It look dark on the tube but the shade is nice on your lips.

  2. It's quite deceiving from the tube :)

  3. OH!!! I love this shade!!! I have to get it :D


  4. You should! It's a really pretty shade :)

  5. I'm a sucker for berry shades like this! Definitely goes onto my wish list! xx

  6. I'm really digging berry shades, too :)

  7. My mom have the same shade too. I thoght i won't like it since it's dark. But because it's mac I applied and love it right at the very moment. Same thing the color on my lips is not dark or too loud.

  8. I went back to this old post of yours because I have a MAC Rebel and I wanted to know what you thought of it. I chose this shade for my first MAC lipstick because it's purplish (and I got lots of compliments with an Ever Bilena purple lip color before). You're totally right that not everyone can pull off MAC Rebel. I feel awkward about wearing it as I think it draws a lot of attention. But thanks for your tips here. I feel encouraged to keep using it.


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